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Travel Vaccinations

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Jan 29, 2003
What do you guys normally get for vaccinations? I know it's dependent on where you're going but I assume there is a standard set people go for.

Do you just go to Urgent Care to get them or do you go to the County Health office?
I got mine at a combination of our company medical dept. (HepA/B) and the county medical office (Yellow fever). I would consider at least getting those. That should get you in and out of most countries.
Talk to your own doctor and get a CDC/PHS 731 shot card (yellow shot card)

Most of the routine shots you can get anywhere and they will document it on there, but the Yellow Fever one is the specific one that I *think* must be documented specifically on this card for travel to some countries.

We just leave ours in our primary passports, so they are always together.

FWIW I have never been asked to produce it.
Ended up with vaccines for HepA, HepB, and Yellow Fever as well as Malaria pills. Total including the prescription for the pills was $590. I'll keep the CDC 731 in my passport.

I saw shots for Rabies and a few other undesirables. I'm sure some areas of the world would require a whole load of shots.
Right on Fido...

20 Cipros permanently reside in my bag. Tamiflu is another that a Dr may give you an advance on if you travel.

When you really need those bastards, you dont even want to make the trip back out to the plane to raid the Medaire kit.
Sorry for my ignorance but what is cipro and Zpack?

Cipro is god, plain and simple. From Anthrax to Delhi Belly to ear infections - its the $hit....:)

Zpack or Tamiflu may keep you out of nasty hospital in India, lol....If you get the flu bad on the road as you certainly wont be hopping back on the plane and coming home (as pax or crew)

Your aircraft likely does (or should) have both onboard as it sounds like you are gearing up to travel overseas. Many (including me) carry their own small supply.

Once you really turn pro you may add in a script or two of Ambien etc...

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be careful with the Ambien and booze though- know a pilot that had a couple beers and took an Ambien- didn't remember all the stupid things he did on that ********************. Almost got himself ********************canned.
I believe that the only country that requires any sort of Vaccination is Brazil for Yellow Fever. Hep A & B and Cholera are recommended. The first time I went to Africa, on the recommendation of a US Army doctor, I got the Cholera series. He told me that it would be better to do it with the pills. Not as bad as the shot are. If that is the case, I don't think I would ever consider the shots. It is a series of three pills. I took my last one on the first day of recurrent at FSI. I was sick as a dog. In fact halfway through my sim session on the 3rd day, I had to stop and barf into a trash can.

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