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Transatlantic International Airlines

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Dec 5, 2004
Did not know where to post this so I will try here and Major and regionals. No area for upstart.

Anyone know about this op with B747 (200's and SP's) and DC-9's?

There is an ad on the web for flight crew and I have never heard of them nor is there any info on any boards.

That's hilarious. "Heavily" experienced in DC-9s? It looks like some MS Flightsim geek's high school marketing project.
Not a very good one at that......

Yeah, I just called the number out of curiousity and it rang... and rang... and rang... and finally some message played that I could barely make out. I said, "Tank you fo call'n Trans-(unintelligible) Airlines, leave a message and we may call you back." I think it's a scam. Good luck though, maybe I'm wrong.
Columbus, OH FSDO has been advised of their new operator, they laughed pretty hard and said the recording on the number sounded like a taxi-cab driver.
MX is in PHX. Really? Come on! Don't kick a man while he is down.
This company doesn't pass the sniff test...

Elyounoussi, Bachir
c/o Network Solutions
P.O. Box 447
Herndon, VA. 20172-0447

Domain Name: FLYTIA.COM

When I call the number it rings twice then goes to obvious redirect and a voice mail from a foreign sounding gentleman.

I don't buy it! A legitimate operation would be easier to find information on.

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