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Trans States Picketing ORD

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Thanks Jason! Let us all know how the turnout went, and how today's picketing goes. Thanks for all that you do.
Thanks J.! I would have loved to go to Chicago but I'm stuck in DEN. Didn't think it would be wise to try to go DEN-ORD and back in one afternoon.
Whats the picketing all about? Is TSA in contract negotiations? Oh wait, don't tell me its about not getting to fly the 66 seaters for an extra couple bucks an hour.
We will be in negotiations in about 6 months. You think it's coinsidence that blowjets is starting now? Just in time for our negotiations?

Yes, it's a little bit about 66 seaters for a couple a bucks more. But your totally missing the point. It's about stopping an alter-ego scumbag operation from accelerating the race to the bottom. It's about standing up for what we believe should be rightfully ours, growth and upgrade oppotunities for pilots that have been patiently waiting and doing an outstanding, professional job for Trans States Holdings for a few years now. Instead of hiring guys off the street that have had no affiliation whatsoever to this company to come in and jump in front of us so our wait is that much longer. And yes, it is only a couple of bucks an hour more, which is why we, as a group, voted that schit down. But I don't expect you to really understand all this since you dig ditches and all. But if you we're a pilot in the regional airline industry you would probably understand and be happy for what we are doing here.
Management's first offer that involved merging the seniority lists was voted down, and all of a sudden they're done talking to us? They can't be bothered to sit down and have an actual negotiation with the employees that have built this company to where it is today? The battle isn't over yet, and that's why TSA pilots are still picketing.
I betting that a ditch digger still makes more than most regional Pilots and has a better quality of life.

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