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Training FO vs Captain?

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Active member
Mar 2, 2002
OK all you post 911 high time job seekers, are you going to be training for a FO position or are they going to train you straight into a Captain position? Replies from any regional applicants who have ben accepted are welcome.
I think it will really depend on the company and what their needs will be. Most will not be hiring for CA since most had to furlough pilots to begin with post 9/11. As for me though, I just accepted a class date with an up and starter airline that is operated as USAirways Express and they are short CA's. I may end up getting a job as a CA with them fairly quickly maybe even right out of training.
Yes, although it wasn't fair to call them a "upstart" since they have been around since 1998, but I used that term just for simplicity sake. Are you familiar with them FR8mastr?
I know at SkyWest people are being hired as FO's. Can't see anybody getting rid of the senority system. Plus not exactly a shortage of pilots or alot of attrition going on anywhere.
The only airlines that are able to hire captains off the street are non-union carriers. If the pilots are represented by a union, they have to upgrade according to senority, and that can only be bypassed if the available FO's are unable to upgrade due to time requirements or other factors. This would be very unusual. Non-union carriers can hire new captains off the street.
It is unusual but it happens. I have been hired as a street captain on the Saab three times...two were union carriers, the other wasn't (didn't go to all three carriers, but that's a different story...)

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