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To Return To The Skies?

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Aspiring 135 pilot
Nov 25, 2001
I am a student pilot with 25 hours in, and I haven't flown in 6 months. I know that I will be returning to the skies that I love this summer, and I was wondering if anyone had some advise on how to do this quickly & safely. I should also point out that I soloed during my 17 hour, exactly 1 week before Sept. 11.

Any helpful suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Thanx Much,
No magic to the advice; get with a good instructor and go fly. You'll be released to solo again as soon as you're ready. Have a ball!
Thanx for the reply avbug! Are there any special regulations that I should be aware of?
Don't fly your airplane into the side of a building. Stay away from nuclear sites. Fly as safely, and precisely as you can, study, listen to your instructor, and you'll do fine.

There is nothing new in the flying world right now; if there are any local flight restrictions, your instructor will let you know. Fly safe!
Do the class B rules that were created shortly after sept 11 still apply?

They prohibited solo training flights (for licenced pilots) I believe.


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