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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
As you can see there are folks picked up on the 2nd & 3rd try. Some folk's packages when they are graded by the DB are so close to making the cut that to get another look at them a phone call will be made to them to reapply more quickly to go through the process again. This can happen for a lot of reasons but the numbers are generally small. The person will be asked to re-apply (no 2 year limit) & they will be set up for another interview again. The entire process will be repeated & hopefully any deficiencies (usually in the interiew process) will be corrected & they can be hired. However, no one is a shoo-in regardless of how hard folks on the inside want them to be hired...you have do make it through the interview. A likely scenario would be when the scores from the interview are on the border line, exceptional LORs from folks saying what good guy this is (either inside or outside the company) & a strong flying background. Again, not very many fall into this category but if they do, the DB gives them a second chance by getting them set up for another interview. A very small percentage.

For those who don't fall into that category though & have to wait the full 2 years (from applying) to reapply the process is repeated with no prejudice for doing so. I've even known of a guy who was hired, washed out of training during his IOE, waited to reapply & then was accepted by the DB 2 yrs later. The company is very fair with the process & while the time from applying to class date is long, it is the process. Its proven to be an effective way to handle it. Again, when I was hired 737 types were required! They have changed to make things a little easier (cheaper) for folks. Good luck, hope that answers the mail a little.

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