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To All Fractional Excel Pilots

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Greenhouse gas producer
May 17, 2002
Lets get all the Excel pilots in the Fractional Industrie together to help Instructorpuke through Excel initial training, and indoc at Netjets.

This is an APB for any and all Excel type rated pilots to give Instructor Puke any and all pointers that he might need to be the BEST DARN EXCEL CO-Pilot that ever set foot into the jet.

Come on, now... help Instructor Puke out. He has NO jet time. He has NO FMS time.

Let's all pitch in.

Well, I would, but i dont know nuttn about it.


Well cat, you know it would seem that you are posting these things to try and goad me into another irate response. You know what, it's not going to work. I've tried to be the bigger person here and apologize to you and all others that saw the post from lastnight. I agree that it was completely out of line what I said, but you continually try to force it again.
It is true I have NO jet time, or NO FMS time but that really didn't seem to matter to the folks that I interviewed with and in turn hired me. It is thankfully a place that will give me the experience and quality of life that I need to take care of my family.
If you feel the need to continually attack me, please feel free. I am happy with myself and my experience to work for NetJets as long as they will have me.

Thanks to all that care,

What a great idea!

Hey, this sounds like a good idea!

While this Cat guy may have an ulterior motive, the concept is good, don't you think?

There may be some study guides available on the Excel...most likely the Net Jets crews will have some guidance for you. Heck, I may be able to tap some of my connections for some electronic info on the Excel. As for NetJets ops, cannot be of assistance there.

Perhaps the other NetJets pilots on the board can chime in.
If you are in Indoc before aircraft training-just go over to your program managers office and get a new hire study guide. You can also call them now and get one. When you get your letter with your dates of training at FSI there will be a name and contact number on it-you can call and ask for your books ahead of time-I think it varies per FSI facility-but the Wilmington, D.E. FSI had no problem sending me mine.

Also there is a poster here that goes by NJA Capt-he is an Excel CPT-send him a PM-maybe he can put you in touch with the right person in the Excel Program.(Sorry to volunteer you NJA Capt)

Also-a previous post of mine was deleted in reference to your question about renting a car for Indoc. Last year when I went through Indoc allot of people shared rides together-I myself drove two guys back and forth from the Candlewood Suites to Indoc, to the Grocery, dinner, etc. It is a gamble going without transportation-classes were bigger last year-mine was 25-30 pilots-now I hear it is below 10.

Don't forget anything you spend money on at Indoc that is business related-ie food, mileage to, in and around mileage(keep a log or a total), gas, dry cleaning, hotel bill etc is all tax deductible.
Hopefully with the new contract the hotel will be covered for Indoc-my understanding is that when the old contract was written all pilots lived at CMH-so there was no need to provide a hotel.

Fly Safe

Dont sweat it! I had a buddy just get done in the excel with less experience than you. What I am getting at is he had all his time in Caravans flying VFR in Africa. It doesnt get any more opposite to what we do over here than that. I told him the same thing someone else on the board mentioned to you. Go in and chat with the program manager and let him know your concerns. Other than that have a good attitude and give it your best. It is not rocket science. It is just something different that you are not used to, the same as when you learnt to fly or that first time with that special gal, what was her name again? Hmmm, so many fond memories. Anyhow my point is that you will do fine. Get with your sim partner and make sure you are clear on stuff and for heavens sake ask questions. Best of luck. Welcome to the greatest company around.
If you go to www.noprops.com, an EJA (sorry, NJA) instructor in the Excel has some excellent Powerpoint training material on the Excel. Memory items, annunciators, class notes. Go to the NetJets stuff and then click on "Training Aids". It is good stuff, all the fleets should have this stuff available.
Great idea!

Can you check that no props link? Just FYI, I tried it and it came up a DNS error.

Yea, like I said earlier...wow, did Cessna do a great job with these new jets like the Excel and the Encore/Ultra/bravo series. There is no easier jet out there for newbie pilots to fly IMHO. (In My Humble Opinion.) Believe me, I have flown my share of jets where the switches were everywhere and the systems a nightmare!

Should have no problem learning it all.

Just for background info, Instructorpuke, what kind of aircraft have you been flying besides the Saab?


-P.S. Smelly cat is awfully quiet tonight! Maybe the dog got him...better yet, maybe the watchdog BANNED him!

When i was hired with EJA now NJA i had 2509tt. Yes 9 hours above the minimum.

I had no FMS time, NO jet time, NO crm time.

I had flown Single pilot my whole life.

But I was willing to learn and I sucked up everything like a sponge. The FMS was a joke to learn. The Jet was easier than props.

What got me was CRM time. I had none. I worked hard and still do every day to change old behaviors.

What gets you through the training is not what you know it's what your WILLING to learn.

Go get them IP you've got the willingness and attitude to learn. You will have no problem!!

If you have a problem IM me, ill give you my cell number. I'm in a different plane but i"m always available for help.
Thanks Diesel

I appreciate it and I'll definately take you up on your offer. JP11 is sending me some stuff in the mail. I know I'm probably jumping the gun on it but I want to get started... Very excited.

Thanks again

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