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to a safe 2010

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Down with Chemtrails!
Jan 20, 2002
Well, its getting to be that time of the year. Some people are probably already on contract, especially some of the federal contracted airtankers and jumpships, and everyone else such as the other airtankers, jumpships, SEATS, helicopters and air attack platforms coming on soon too.

And if you are working as an aerial firefighter, or even have an interest, consider joining Associated Aerial Firefighters


Hope to run into you during the season, but most importantly, to be able to after the season is over too. Complacency and bad decisionmaking is one of the biggest killers in aviation, and aerial firefighting has not been except from that. Its important to stay on guard against that, which is not always easy with the mission oriented mindsets that we have. We all get into fire precisely because we do like the flying and what we accomplish. No one gets into aerial firefighting to not work, but sometimes you still have to be able to know when to say no.

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