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Aug 6, 2002
To all of those that were recently hired at Netjets...congrats!!! I'm sure you all deserve it. Now for all of us still waiting I was hopeing you could answer a question. It's been around 3 months since I've received the "we want to interview you" letter. Can you shed any light on this and tell us the timeframe from letter to interview. Want to see if theres any consistency at all. Thank You.
I know saying be patient doesn't help too much, but I'm sure they'll get around to you and the others. The big question still remains, how long?

As of three weeks ago, there were 999 other guys in your shoes (The "to be interviewed" pool). Only 100 of those in the pool will be interviewed this year. The reason being most of the interview slots are already full. They are scheduling Nov/Dec interviews now.

Good luck, hang in there.
I'm in the same boat as you. I sent in a completed application on January 15th along with a letter of recommendation from a EJA pilot and received the standard letter a week or so later. I have been emailing and faxing updates every 2 months or so and have heard nothing from them since the letter.

When the guy who recommended me tried to find out the status off my application, he was told that I'm 'in the system' (whatever that means) and they'll eventually get down to my name on the list.

Be patient and I hope you have better luck than I'm having.
Swimmin' with 'ya...

My stuff is with the NJA February "stuff," can only confirm previous posts from "THE source" that the November poolies are just now getting interview notices.

The wait's a little long that I anticipated, but it'll be worth it, if I can avoid having to commit somewhere else beforehand...

Best of Luck to all.
First off thanks for the replys guys. It looks like I better buckle in for the long haul. I sent in my app. right before they quit handing them out so I'm sure I'm at the end of the pile. Looks like maybe 2003. I read somewhere awhile ago that they expected to hire as many as 500 in 03' anybody concur with that?
So if you apply today you can expect an interview in early 05. Excellent!

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