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Thomas Edison


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Nov 26, 2001
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I'm looking at going to Thomas Edison's aviation distance learning program since I can finish up quicker than the alternative criminalogy degree. Anybody have any experiences or advice with this college? Thanks


Nov 27, 2001
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I just started taking a class at Thomas Edison this fall. So far it seems to be a fair deal. I'm just taking one class (pre-calc) and I almost enjoy it. In this class you watch videos and then do the homework. I send the homework in to a proffesor once a week. There are two test, mid-term and final, that I will be able to take at a library near my home. I don't care for the price, but it seems to be in the park compared to other schools I looked into. I believe I payed $1400 for the first year, but then I had to pay about $113 per credit ( $339 total for my class) and then my books (videos included) cost about $300. They give you credit for all of your ratings and are going to give me credit for flying for a 121 carrier. Also, they accept credit from any credited college. I will only have to take 5 classes for my degree (I was able to transfer 105 credits). So far from what I have seen I would recommend it. Oh, buy the way it is accredited. Good luck! (forgive me if any of my info is wrong or the words are mispelled, I've been catching up on my beer drinking since I am furloughed)