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They have won!

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Well-known member
Jan 22, 2002
Well, the b@stards have won! While commuting home from work this morning, i witnessed a lady who was "selected" for the "random" preboarding search take off her shoes for them to be inspected. She was not wearing socks, nylons or anything else on her feet. She had completly bare feet. The screener then proceeded to lift up her feet and pass the wand over her BARE feet! Is our government hiring people that brain dead that they cant use some logic in a matter such as this???? We have let our way of life be changed by some wackos with box cutters! They have done what they set out to do. The security situation in this country has gotten out of hand! I would like to propose that we pick a day and have ALL airline crew members (pilots and F/A's) call in sick for one day to protest the totally inane handling of security in this country. Anyone with me?????

OMG that is a sad state of affairs.. too bad you didn't have a digital camera ready for that one...
Actually our govt hasn't hired these people. Hopefully people like these will not get hired when the govt. does the hiring.

Pleaseeeeeeeee!!! Do you really think the Government-Hired security workers will be any better than the current Burger King rejects? They have already decided that non-high school grads are okay and they are now trying to allow non-citizens to hold the job. Now if they can just keep those with three or more felonies.

But you seem to think that, out of all the Government programs that don't work, this will be the one shinning exception. I hope you're right, but I wouldn't bet the mortgage money on it.
I'm not going to get involved in a pointless debate, but was the device placed against her feet a particle detector or a magnometer? They can look similiar. Prior to departure several days ago, the entire aircraft was searched with detectors, as was I, my belongings, etc. I followed the individuals who performed the screening to a portable unit and watched them test the samples taken for trace explosives, radioactive materials, etc.

The wands look similiar, and it's quite possible that samples were taken, rather than a magnometer used. Just an observation.
Yes, as someone who was trained to do security screening a few years ago, I can say with absolute certainty that it was a magnatometer. And yes, these are the same people that will work for the government. They have already made it clear that they want to retain as many people as possible. that is, all the people that dont have criminal backgrounds.
People....listen to what happened.....her BARE feet were run over with the metal detector!!!! think about the logic....am I the only one who finds this absolutly baffling????!!!!!!
Re: feet

Humty72 said:
OMG that is a sad state of affairs.. too bad you didn't have a digital camera ready for that one...

Unfortnaly photographing any security check point even one such as anal as that is illegal. Or at least banned at all the airports that I have heard of.

How can we prove how dumb the people are if we can't show picture proof of some of the stupid stuff that they do?
No SkyPine 69, you're not the only one that finds it baffling. Our airport security and the people that they have "out in the field" is a total and complete sham...like every other bureaucratic "min run" program that the govn't sponsors. It's very unfortunate to see the complete lack of common sense that we have conducting screenings. To be honest, I think that the screeners know that no one really thinks all that highly of them. Many of them have a "complex" to begin with, and now this is the time for them to "ram it home" to the traveling public when they have this limited bit of power. Some of the screeners have the pilots (and customers) removing their wallets and thumbing through the area where you normally keep money, others take pleasure in simply harassing. Bottomline: we've got a bunch of morons in security, they will be absorbed by the govn'ts program, and it's going to have to be something that we're going to have to live with. I think that the people that they've hired is more symptomatic of a much larger problem that we have in our country though. We've come accustomed to hiring folks regardless of their technical qualifications for the job. As a society, we've allowed common sense to be totally displaced by idiots...like the McD's coffee incident, as an example. We allow the moron to be acceptable in our country...and forced to respect them. You also have folks that can barely speak english running around all over our country, but the terrible thing is that many of them don't or won't make a single bit of effort to try and become productive and contributing citizens. Look at our DMV booklets...every fricking language you can think of in there...more tax dollars at work to make everyone feel "comfortable" and welcome. Our laws aren't enforced, and more and more our society is becoming a place where right is wrong, left is right, history is invented by the latest PC publisher, and the idiot is haralded as a hero...ie Rodney King. I saw another news real that has several schools forbidding the pledge of allegiance in classrooms...more productive "teachings" to our young, bright, and aspiring students. But you know what? I still love this country...but it's still too bad we can't get back on track. Jjjjjeesshh...guess I was really venting...how's that for thread drift? Anyway.... I'm not going to lose too much more sleep over it. I'm just going to do my part to act accordingly, work hard, and be a respectable contributing member of society. Wish that the others would get on board and do the same. And I'm NOT referring to any of the fellow bro's on this board.
Don't put word into my mouth!

GoingHot, I have never stated that the govt people would be better, I have always prefaced it with "hopefully" they will be better. At least they'll be a little selective, now if you have a pulse you can get hired.

I was not and am still not in favor of these guys being federalized. I wish Congress would have made it more of a performance based competitive bidding process. Before they let the airlines control who they hire (i.e. lowest bidder gets the job regardless of performance). The result of this (airlines being able to bid out to the lowest bidder) is what we have now, extreme incompetance by many (not all) of the screeners. You can thank the majority party in congress for wanting a more unionized federal workforce 30,000 strong that will tend to vote democratic (as most unions do), and the fiasco with the 9 knives getting by the checkpoint in Chicago the day before the vote for the federalization of screeners.

I hope you don't think that just because I TEMPORARILY work for the government I am pro big government. In my four months with the FAA I have seen a great deal of incompetence within this huge bueracracy. HOPEFULLY the TSA will be a little better, I guess we'll have to wait and see...remember goinghot I didn't say it would be better, I said HOPEFULLY.

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