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The word on Mazzei?

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Earl Williams

Well-known member
Mar 17, 2002
Yes, it's me again...asking yet another question on a prospective route for my flight training. Trust me, one of these days I'll actually settle on a school, and just get things going (I think I've done just about every Instrument approach in California on my sim!). Until then, I'm still trying to sift through all of the schools claiming "0-to-right seat guranteed in XX months", or "we care about your training...please make check payable to...".

Anyhow, I think I'm basically down to two schools (this seems to change on a daily basis). Those being: All ATP, and Mazzei Flying Services (out of Fresno, CA). Both essentially have similiar programs, from Inst. through CFMEI. Both are around the same price (not exactly "bargains", but...) yet Mazzei looks to take a bit longer...which is okay with me...doesn't seem like it's necessary to rush things with the state that aviation is currently in.

I was curious if anyone had any experience with Mazzei...or knew of someone who had. Basically, what the "word on the street" is? Also, if you have any advice on All ATP? (which seems to be a pretty well-known commodity)

As always, I appreciate everyone's advice and insight...it's been VERY helpful!!

Fly safe,
My question for you to ask is this: "Will you hire me to work as a full-time instructor when I finish my CFI with you?"
If you ask Mazzei the question that Timebuilder suggested the answer will be "Maybe". That's a good answer. What company in their right mind would offer a job to someone that is heavily dependent on people skills and technical ability without first evaluating them in detail and observing their day to day behavior? Mazzei hires almost exclusively from their succesful CFI students but timing is everything. If there is a vacancy when you finish your training you will be offered the opportunity to compete for the job. If anybody guarantees you more than that ask yourself what kind of CFI will you be getting to teach you if they hire everybody just because they paid some money for a course? Prior to 9/11 the majority of Mazzei CFI grads were hired, but even then it was not a guarantee.


I got the PM and I'll get you an answer within a day or so.

I've thought about that...

The "post-ratings" question is a big one, and something that I've been giving more and more consideration to (especially now since CFI jobs seem to be tougher to come by). Also, I've heard that the majority of schools prefer/manadate that they hire only CFI's that they've trained (makes sense...they already know about your flying aptitude, etc).

Both Mazzei and ATP seem to follow this principle. Go through CFI training with them, and you MAY be offered an Instructor slot (provided you EARNED it, of course). I realize that there aren't any guarantees...period (nor should there by, IMO). I can see both Mazzei and ATP as being great places to Instruct, and ATP being primarily multi-time (during training and Instructing) is a big plus.

I guess, considering both seem to be fairly close in what's offered, I need to just ask myself if I'm able to handle the fast-pace. When I first heard of ATP's 7 ratings in 90 days, I thought there would be no way I could handle such an extreme pace. However, as I've heard, when you're flying so often continuity seems to increase, and the pace becomes manageable. I'm sure getting a lot of the bookwork, and written tests, out of the way beforehand would help the process out as well.

hmmmm...lots of questions to ask myself still!
I went to Mazzei from Sept 2000-March 2001 and really liked it. In fact I narrowed my school selections down to Mazzei and ATP as well. I felt as if Mazzei actually gave a hoot if I became a student. I have met many people from ATP that were happy and met a few who didn't like it at all-probably b/c ATP doesn't lead you by the hand. Mazzei is owned and operated by a family and you will feel close to a lot of students. Just remember, nobody cares where you went, just as long as you know your stuff and are a decent pilot. I know its a long, hard struggle to find a good flight school. Good luck

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