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The US Airways Challenge

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We be flight instructin!
May 24, 2002
Alright, I feel as though I may be blind to the fact. I am a Piedmont Pre hire (Now possibly No Hire). Following all of this it makes me wonder. How smart is this Mr. Siegel and we just aren't seeing it. He is my theory, now keep in mind theory. Mr. Siegel (If I can call him that) has done some good things for other companies. Was he ever chastized at them when he left? I don't know the answer but it makes me wonder if he is going to continue moving to other companies as a "consultant" or CEO to pick up where others screwed up, he better not piss a lot of people off or other companies are going to say adios when he is considered. That said, wouldn't it be possible that Mr. Seigel is playing on all of us. What is the fear of everyone-The fear of the unknown. The unknown of whether or not we still have jobs, whether or not PDT will be getting jets, the fear of will PDT be around in a couple of years. Him knowing this has to make a person wonder if this is all part of his big plan to get jets to the WO's. How pissed off were most of you when he said that he wanted to give the jets to Potomac cause we (if I may use that, no disrespect) are not capable of flying them. Was he really saying, I challenge you pilots to accept the offer that we gave you. If you don't, we will start Potomac Air. Well guess what, he has complete control over the whole situation the WHOLE time, pretty much playing everyone like a doll. I can't see him really HONESTLY thinking that PDT and the other WO's are really wasting money for US Airways. He knows that there will be ramifications that will come of this if the WO's become no more. I don't know, maybe I should take some medication due to these dillusions, but I am just wondering what everyone else thinks about this.
BTW, what the Gentlemen and Gentlewomen at Comair said and are doing for the WO's is beyond words. You guys are true Aviation brothers. Thanks.

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