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The Silenced Speak

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Old and Bitter
Feb 15, 2006
My 2172/1450 brothers and sisters.

We have been squelched by the the officaial forum and 2172.com is no more.

Although I relish the fact that I really don't give a rats gluts about UAL (other than to ensure that they exist long enough to get my 10 years of travel benefits) and how those left will reap the mess they sowed the last time we were off property, I am still frustrated by our inability to post the occational comment. (Suprisingly, law school is filled with even more tortured sentences than the previous)

Despite the risk of being kicked off completely (what is the point of being a silent witness to the ramblings of those who do not care if you exist or not?) I offer you this turd...

""There is still some scope left that he didn't give away."

Hey M****,
Why do you insist on spreading lies? The pilots voted on scope in our last contract, period. Nobody "gave" anything away. The pilots ratified an agreement, albeit not a good one, simple as that.
Does it make you feel better to have someone to blame besides yourself?"

Move along folks, nothing to see here. As if you really expected anything different, it is time for us to give up on UAL. The jackpot of 99/00 has become the chamber pot of aviation careers.

Just a little flammable pizz on the smoldering coals of our careers.

Qui tacet consentire videtur

Runnin' beyotch.
Just to clear up the issue for the boys and girls in the cheap seats eating popcorn.

United Alpa has RESTRICTED any furloughed pilot from posting on the ALPA MEC-Message boards/Forums. Many of us (like myself) have 15+ years of ALPA service and over 10 years as a UAL pilot.

We furloughed 1450 pilots (as of Nov 2009) and NONE of them are allowed to speak on our own Forum. Is that not wrong on all levels?

Our jobs were outsourced, plain and simple. Enjoy the shiny new jet at GOJET or Skywest, but remember how many were booted to the street...not to worry though you will soon feel the same pain as "Express-Connection X" will come in and underbid the flying and you too will be furloughed!

Who's fault is it?

I think the finger should be pointed DIRECTLY at ALPA national.
Sonny, you sound like a USAir East pilot.


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