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The proper approach

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New member
May 30, 2002
Air Guard/Reserve guys and gals,

I have completed my application packets and am now ready to start pounding the ground to get them into the decision makers hands. I am looking for any words of advice from the SMEs on this forum to assist in being the most prepared for the process.

I am an Army rotorhead (7.5 years active duty and curently ARNG; mid time CAPT; 29 yoa) and Mesa FO looking to mix it up in the guard/reserve fighter community for the remainder of my 20. I meet all the requirements for the new Fixed Wing Qualification course, but have met with some resistance to this program during my preliminary phone calls to commanders and ops officers of fighter units. Any takers as to why??

I am working on making contacts within the brotherhood by jumpseating to these various units and shaking hands; any additional recommendations to boost my packet?

If there are any x-Army guys out there who have made this leap successfully into a fighter unit, I would love to here your story and lessons learned.

Thank you for your assistance.
Clint Tabor
I'm an Army Officer trying to do a similar thing. I'm a non-aviator with some civilian flight time. I have received some pretty warm responses when I talked to AF RES/ANG units. The problem you may be running into is that the money for rotor to fixed training comes from a different pot than does the normal UPT money. After talking to several units (they always assume that I'm an aviator at first contact) most said it was a good thing I am not rated in the Army because the road is more difficult for officers who are. I have also received beter responses from heavy units than fighter units. I'm not sure why that is but I assume it is because of the volume of applications the fighter units get. I have made some good contacts (all heavys). Let me know if you want them and I will e-mail them to you. I'm always up for helping a brother out.
Clint, if you find a unit that is willing to retrain you share the info........there is still part of me that would love to fly a fighter....watching my buddy depart turkey full afterburner in his F-15E makes you go hmmmmmm.....anyways, hey, if you don't have any luck with a fighter unit, have you thought about trying one of the rescue units...they have usually both UH-60's and C-130's...they might understand a little more....and put you into the C-130....(PS..just to save you some time in the C-130, if you fly one, we don't have a MACH meter....).....

Also, check out www.baseops.net there are a bunch of job listings on there.....however, mostly slower jobs, one's that don't require a parachute.....

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