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The magic 1000/100

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Jan 6, 2002
Made it to the magic 1000/100 alive.

Although it isn't so magic anymore, still a reason to party.
"Does anyone hire with 1000 TT/ 100 multi these days?"

I got hired by Wendy's at 500/50. Never got a call from Burger King, though. :D
originally posted by bigD
I got hired by Wendy's at 500/50. Never got a call from Burger King, though.
Cool!! What kind of aircraft does Wendy's operate? I spoke with some pilots for Waffle House once. They had some type of Lear. I actually started the conversation with "so...they don't make you wear those funny Waffle House hats?" No joke!! Anyway, they'd been corprate pilots for quite some time. Hey, did you get to fly Dave Thomas before he died?
Dave Thomas is NOT dead! Don't say that. Don't even think it.

Dave Thomas is alive and well.

Dave Thomas is alive and well.

Dave Thomas is alive and well.

Dave Thomas is alive and well.

Everything is going to be okay.

Dave Thomas is okay.

Dave Thomas is alive and okay.

Dave Thomas is okay, and well.

I feel better.
There are plenty of companies hiring with 1000/100 and lower. Most companies prefer to hire lower time pilots these days as they often will work for less money and these are lean times even for 135 operations.

Many of the check and freight companies do not want higher time pilots because they will leave as soon as they get enough multi time to go to a jet or regional operation. There is such a thing as being overqualified in this business and it is very tough for a 10,000 hr furloughed airline pilot to find work towing banners. I have worked at several companies where new jet FOs where hired with zero jet time and as little as 250 hrs TT. At my present company some of the new hire King Air Captains have the minimum 1200 hrs for 135 IFR work and zero multi time.

Take advantage of your age and inexperience. Apply everywhere and take the best job you can find. You might surprise yourself and find yourself in the right seat of a Lear with only 1000 hrs

As with any business its also about who you know and how persistent you are. Call every day, 5 times a day until the Chief Pilot has to get a restraining order againist you. Send resumes until your fingers are numb from dialing the phone.

There is no such thing as too much single engine time. Tow banners 10 hrs a day, 7 days a week for a year if thats what it takes. Someday you may find yourself in the strange position of having enough multi and jet time to apply for a job but not enough total time to satisfy their mins.
The magic numbers, then and now

Congratulations on reaching 1000/100. But, to put perspective on your achievement, the magic numbers were 1500/500 in the late '80s-early '90s.

I'd apply. I know that Mesa and SkyWest's mins have been 1000/100. I'm sure there are others with similar requirements. Don't forget, the quality of the applicant pool drives the actual minimums for hire and the large number of available, qualified pilots has probably driven up the actual mins needed to be hired.

Just as everyone said, apply, and update as you build time.

I appreciate Flydog's comment about being overqualified with a certain amount of irony. At one point I had something like 3000 total and 700 of multi, and my ATP and type. I could not get an interview at all. People with less time were getting interviews. Once again, in those days the basic mins were 1500/500. A friend of mine opined that I wasn't being considered because I was overqualified. :rolleyes: :D The irony was that it virtually all instructing time, just like the folks who were getting the interviews.

Good luck with moving up.
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