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The Best Chesseburger in the United States of America

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Diehard Republican
Feb 8, 2005
How about something fun for a change!


  1. You must have actually eaten the cheeseburger, not just heard it was good.
  2. Restaurant must still be in business.
  3. You must provide a name and location of the business (so we can all enjoy it too).
  4. Tell everyone what it had on it.
  5. If your post is for Apples Bees, Chili's, or Out Back... you will tared and feathered.

:D America is the greatest country in the world, and the cheeseburger proves it.
Norman Rose Tavern
1401 First Street, Napa CA

Burger: Avacado, melted blue cheese, thick cut smoked bacon, lettuce, onion, tomato... topped with a fried egg! Yes I said fried egg.

Sides: New Belgium Wit with sea salt and pepper french fries.

I left a happy man!
How about something fun for a change!

[*]If your post is for Apples Bees, Chili's, or Out Back... you will tared and feathered.

So if I think Chili's has the best burger you will weigh me and add feathers? Islands has been pretty solid, Huntington Beach our favorite. At one time I swore the best burger I ever had was at Mitch's in Farson, WY but the details have faded. Bobs as the Marina in Stockton, CA serves up a sold burger and I have never been disappointed at Nations in Pleasanton, CA.
Nicki Rottens

6th ave
San Diego, CA

1/2 lb Burger with chili, cheese,onion rings, and jalapenos......I ended up eating it with a fork.
Palmer Place, in LaGrange, IL. Ate there twice in the last week while back in the old hometown. 1/2 pound burger with smoked cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, on a pretzel bun. Never counted how many types they have, but it's a big page!

56 S LaGrange Rd
La Grange, IL 60525
(708) 482-7127
Zip's in Cincinnati. Less than 5 minutes from LUK. Great burgers, fries and chili. Get the "girth burger."


Also, further from LUK but worth the drive if you have some time is Quatman's. Cheap food and beer. The burger only comes one way, but it's great. The bar serves only beer.

The Brass Ring Pub on U.S.1 in North Palm Beach,FL.

Every beer is served in a frosted mug- Coldest beer around.
Try the bacon & swiss cheeseburger with grilled onions.

Best burger Hands Down

The Gin Mill - KDED
Deland, FL

Swiss Burger on a Kaiser Roll.

Being the cheeseburger connoisseur that I am, with the gut to prove it (ask my wife), the Gin Mill has by far the best.

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