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Telex Headsets

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Well-known member
Aug 12, 2005
Hey, anybody send any headsets in to Telex to get repaired?? I just talked to them about my airman 750's this morning and they are apparently out of warrenty by two months and they said it'll cost $111 to refurbish them, or $25 dollars to send them back or they will keep them if I don't do either! I have never heard of a screw job like this before anyone have suggestions besides never do business with telex?
Wow...you can get a slightly used pair of ebay for less than $100
What exactly is the "screw job"? The fact that you sent them a headset that was out of warranty and they actually want money to repair it? Or the fact that they expect you to pay for return shipping on this out of warranty item you sent them for repair?

Explain again how you are getting the "screw job"?
Try not to get a nosebleed on that high horse McCobb. I think he's referring to the fact that almost every other manufacturer of headsets will fix your headsets for free regardless of warranty. I know that Lightspeed did exactly that for me, even on their el-cheapo 15XLs.
Yeh, I've had numerous sets of David Clarks, and lightspeeds and they have never batted an eye at fixing headsets free even if they are ten years old!!! Its good PR. It doesnt inspire people to pay 200, 300, or 400 dollars for a headset when right after the warranty runs out they won't help you out. Besides this point, how quallity are their products if a damn mike won't last longer than three years??
Just figured some others might wanna here this before choosing their next headsets
suck it up and get the Bose. I held out for three years (and two different headsets) and just did the one year no interest rate and they are worth every single cent...no question. I've test driven every single other type out there and nothing is even the same ball park.

I sent my Bose in three years after the warranty had expired for a small crack that had started to develop on one of the stirrups. Bose sent me a box to ship them in that was prepaid back to Bose, replaced the cracked part, replaced the ear seals, replaced the headband pad, and replaced the plugs and cord. All of this was for FREE and I had my headset back in three days. Not a penny came out of my pocket, not even for shipping. You will never regret spending the extra money.
What...I can't hear you Dickensheep (I hear the t is pronounced P), I've been using 750's for so long, I can't hear anything....You'll miss the bose when the ORD controllers are barking at you all day long...get the to DEN bro!!!!


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