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TEB wx question

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Well-known member
Jan 18, 2006
Why at TEB when the wx hits the fan (or at least when ATC thinks it does) does tower not have / give any estimated time for when departures will start again in general or over certain fixes. Granted this is not the primary airport in the area, which may be SOME of the problem. I know at other large airports - IAD,EWR, ORD, etc... (heck, even small ones talking to approach on a cell phone) will at least give you estimated times and updates to keep you in the loop so you can shut one or both down.
If it has to do with thunderstorms closing down departure routes/gates....there's no telling what estimated time you would get. Especially when you want to depart to the north, west, or southwest. Used to wait for the storms to pass then bolt out VFR then pick up the IFR enroute.
We were waiting in the penalty box at KMMU a few weeks ago. While waiting, on about 6 or 7 ocassions they told us we would be released in 10 to 15 minutes. We were on the ground at the end of the runway about two and a half hours. KTEB has to wait for releases from the same New York approach facility.

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