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Tanker crash

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New member
Feb 26, 2002
Another fire fighting tanker has just crashed near Denver. The radio broadcast that one of the wings may have come off in flight. Followed immediately by an explosion. That is all the information at this time.
This just isn't a good season for tankers. I feel for the pilots and their families.
It was Tanker 123, owned by Hawkins and Powers.
PB4Y Privateer, WW2 navy version of B-24, but longer, and different tail.


From the initial eyewitness reports, it was an inflight breakup, but that is not offical by any means. Some firefighters saw the crash.
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Or you can e-mail the guy if so inclined. I'm not going to post his address here, but he's listed in the ASU directory online.

414Flyer - how did you hear about him saying this? I can't imagine anyone stupid enough to say such a tasteless and ignorant thing on the radio.
how many have died so far this year? Its been a lot. I think one pilot, possibly from ABQ tanker base, died while flying a bonanza to go visit his young daughter
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I've been flying trips by that fire the last 3 days, and was airborne when it happened around 6:30 p.m.. I didn't here anything on ATC about a crash. Actually, I didn't find out about it until I just got home. Its some scarry stuff.
414flyer - I just sent the guy an e-mail. I didn't immediately flame him, but asked if the quote was his. I'm curious if I get a reply.
I'd encourage folks to leave Mr. Rez alone. I have discussed the situation with him, and understand his feelings. They were misplaced, he knows it, but was very frustrated after his house burned to the ground during the Chedeski fire.

I have a very lengthy reply from him explaining the entire story behind his situation and his comment, and there is really nothing more that needs doing with that situation. Those who were in Winslow when the comment was made have let it go...folks who weren't there should forget it, too.

It's far too early to even begin to speculate what happened to T-123. I'm deeply saddened at the loss. I got my CV-P4Y type rating in that airplane, and flew it on several contracts. I flew on my first fire with Rick Schwartz, and when Milt Stollack was in town for training, I gave him my car to get around.

I took a leave of absence several days ago to accept a fire contract, and have left my white-shirt air conditioned cockpit for a tanker, again. I started my contract yesterday, and will be unable to post as regularly as I have in previous months.

This makes five fellow heavy tanker drivers in the past few days who have been killed over fires, all in the same airplanes I flew; they were the same crews I flew with. I feel great sympathy for their families. Unfortunately, they're by far not the first, and won't be the last. I the past few days, several single engine air tankers have crashed; it's very unlikely the season will conclude this year without the loss of several more tankers. It's turning out to be a typical year in that respect, in all it's terrible routineness.

The crew of T-123 were good men, good co-workers, and good pilots. T-123 was a magnificent airplane. There are no words to express the loss...again.
Avbug - my e-mail was non-confrontational, and I'll leave him alone from now on.

Good luck and Godspeed Avbug. Fly safe and come back to us in one piece.

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