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Switching jobs ...

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Rocky Top!
Nov 26, 2001
Question ... is there a problem with leaving a "good" corporate job after two months working to take a "great" corporate job elsewhere? I didn't sign a training contract, but the "great" job is working for folks I've known a long time. I don't want to burn any bridges, of course. Would appreciate feedback from others who may have experienced something similar ....

Thanks, and tailwinds ...

Well you gotta look out for #1... You will most definately "burn the bridge" so make sure if you are making a jump out of the pot it isn't straight into the fire... Make sure it is a worth while jump, this is a small industry and people talk...

If you think this "new" job will be the end all, be all of jobs... then I would say make the jump... just be careful...

By the way, how much money did your current employer spend on you? Did they just train you in house or did you get a Type Rating?

Good Luck and let us know what you do...
yeah be careful......but....
absolutly look out for NUMBER ONE!!!
you will definitly be burning that bridge, especially if they moved you, trained you, FSI, etc......
are they are rather reputable outfit?? remember, its a VERY small business and people talk...if they are considered good people, you will get a bad rep quick...did they bend over for you? do you a favor by hiring you? will you trash a friend who rec'd you here??? be very careful.....never ever screw friends in the corp world (or any i say), they are the only ones who get you jobs.
but again, if the new job is THE JOB you see yourself at for a long time, you gotta go with #1.

I always say, they will throw you out just as fast if they needed to, dont let anyone kid you! This isnt afreiendly game, striclty business.

Two good posts there. I have to agree. Do what is right for you. It is business. I have known guys that left after 2 weeks at a "good" corporate job. But be careful as well. I had a friend that left a good job for what looked like a great job and they sold the plane on him a month after he was hired.

Instead of losing sleep over it go down to Walmart and buy a magic 8 ball. I have one on my desk. It works great and takes all the guess work out of those tough decisions.

Good luck.
Just my $.02
I gotta agree with Jim. Looking out for #1 is all well and good when you have to. This isn't a case of have to. It is a case of want to and you will be screwing the company that was willing to put you on and invest in you.
Professionalism doesn't dictate that you spend your life with a company just because they hired you. Somethimes professionalism dictates that you leave a company (there is usually a good reason).
It is your decision and you need to decide what is best for you but the consideration of others is something you need to look at too. Those who hired you and those who will pay the price in the future for your actions today.

See, Pollyanna isn't dead.
Great input!

This is why I keep coming to this board ... everyone's input is great, and very much appreciated!

To answer some of the questions posted ... the current job is a King Air, so no type required, but the current employer did pay for my school in the airplane, and a small investment in uniforms. They did not pay for my move ... I did.

The potential new job is with folks with a long-standing department who I've known very well for a long time, doing more flying in a better airplane. This is a job I'd strongly consider making a career out of.

I am inclined to agree with those who say no one else is looking out for me. If I make the move, I am going to do my best to be as forthright as possible with the current employer, so that they would understand as much as they can my motives for making the change. They may be mad at me if I leave, but hopefully will feel regardless like I acted with integrity, which is important.

Continued feedback is appreciated ... this'll take a couple of weeks to pan out, but I will let you all know how it comes down.

Tailwinds ...


I'd say given the information that you have presented, I would take the opportunity... Remember if you wait a year or so, that other opening will be long gone...

I agree you don't want to keep jumping jobs because it is bad for everyone... but for those guys who say you need to stay.... I will bet you $100 that if they started working for one of the regionals and within a month or two got called by a Major all of them would drop the regional like a bad habit...

As far as not getting a type, that is a plus for you... since this way it doesn't look like you just "stopped in" for a free type rating... If you want, you could make a gesture to reimburse them for the uniform costs, that is up to you. Also another good gesture is if you know of someone who would be an excellent replacement for them you could suggest this person. It would kind of like be going to them with a problem (you are leaving) and a solution (you already found your replacement for them)... Just make sure if you do recommend someone they will fit in with the company...

Good luck to you!
me too

I too have a hard decision to make regarding a different job. The flight department I have longed for years to work for is rumored to begin hiring again. This IS the retirement job, I'm talking long term commitment. My trouble is that I have just recently been typed, and they did pay for my move over a year ago. I feel loyal to give back some, but I also don't want this opportunity that I have been working toward pass by. Decisions decisions!!!
lets not even try and relate GULFSTREAM PFT with corporate operators and job-hopping.
leaving a bottom rung corporate job for something better is nothing but a smart career move. period. Wait around in this business and you will miss too much.
If you are making sub-standard pay and a bad quality of life, you are just filling a spot that they KNOW will be vacant annually....why do you think you wont get typed and make so little??? (this is just an example)
Good corporate jobs dont need training contracts, commitments, etc......they wont hire an underexperienced pilot (unless highly reccomended), they dont advertise on the web for openings, and they dont hire airline guys on furlough.
If you find a good Pt91 corp gig that seems like a good spot to settle for a long time, take it.
Best advice I can give anyone is again not to screw friends who help you get a job, commit there, if you promised (written or otherwise) to stay for a year... DO IT.....but certainly dont worry about saving a billionaire the 25K training cost at FSI I say....if the job was good you wouldnt be leaving in the first place. After the 30th pilot leaves, maybe thier pay will come up to standards...well.....maybe not.

No matter what anyone says, look out for # 1......
loyalty dont pay the bills when that rat-sh%t charter job goes away overnight!!

Good Luck!
PFT was developed because there was way more pilots around than jobs... PERIOD.... It wasn't cuz there was such high turn-over that they had too... PFT came about during one of the worst hiring slumps around... There was very little movement in the industry and about the only airline jobs out there were PFT...

Don't kid yourself... it was all supply and demand economics (too much supply of pilots and too little demand for jobs!)... not cuz Great Lakes or whoever was losing too many pilots too quickly....

There was very little turnover back then... the airlines were just trying to boost their bottom line in a down economy... And because people actually did the PFT thing, it thrived....

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