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SWA - Where Did You Get The Type

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Nov 26, 2001
Was wondering what were the plusses and minuses of the programs where you got the 737 type? Trying to do some research.

Thanks in advance.
737 type

I got my type at CPT(Crew Pilot Training) out in Houston, good program and they follow the SWA program. I have several friends that went to Higher Power out in Dallas, they really liked the program, again they follow the SWA program for training. I think actually Higher Power follows the training program better than CPT but thats your call. I would encourage you to start calling NOW classes will and have been filling up very fast. Good luck on your goal of getting a type rating I really enjoyed the experience. Oh and give yourself at least 3-4 weeks of home study, best of luck!
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congrats again!!! good advice on the type. I know HPA is booking all the way out into May now. Get those reservations in now for a class!! cheers
737 type

I got my type at AeroService in MIA.


They use Boeing flows/recall
A bit disorganized.


Easier to get an earlier class date than the other places..but still booking up in advance.

Let me know if you need me to be more specific.

I HIGHLY recommend Higher Power Aviation in Dallas for the following reasons:

The owners of HPA take a special interest in the students attending and make you feel quite welcome.

The instructors are experienced and entertaining.

The classrooms and facilities are clean and bright.

You will feel prepared for your type rating ride.

You'll be a short drive away from the SWA People Dept building;)

I have been to several 121 training courses, from major airline to small non-sched, HPA is a class act!
737 type

Try Jet Tech in PHX for cheap price, good availability, small classes and boeing flows. Teachers were great, nice hotel.

I got my type with CPT in Houston: Great company with great instructors.

When I went through we had a couple minor sim malfunctions which delayed us a little. These are all gone!!!

They are no longer using the FlightSafety sim at Hobby!!! They are now using the Continental Facilities at Intercontinental, which are in outstanding condition. The word is by summer they will have everything ready to start using the 500 series as well as the 300 which may also be a consideration.

Best O'Luck,

You can't go wrong with Higher Power. I've been through many training programs in my career, at the regional and major level, and I've never seen a better-organized or classier act than what they have going at HPA.

At least a dozen of my buddies who've recently gone through the program can back up what I say; you'll be very glad that you got your type at Higher Power, and without a doubt you'll be recommending the program to your friends.

Like Jobhunter says, the owners do take a sincere interest in the students who go through their program, and I liken them to the management team in place at Southwest, in terms of caring about their people and customers.

If you would like to talk to me about my experiences at Higher Power, send me a Personal Message and I'll get in touch with you.

Good Luck to you, wherever you decide to go!

Gotta go with the crowd on this one-

Higher Power Aviation (HPA) in Dallas is the way to go. There's a reason they're booked for months in advance- they are awesome. I really felt like they cared about me as an individual.(sounds like a certain Dallas-based airline, no?) Also Heather or another SWA People Dept rep will come by for your very own mini job-fair. It's great to see the SWA folks, get a little face time, and dispel any rumors that are out there.

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