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SWA sunglasses restrictions?

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Well-known member
Feb 5, 2002
Seeing as that I am treading water and enjoying the summer heat, I thought I would check and see if there are any rules by SWA on sunglasses?

Actually, my 2 yr old broke my black Oakley 5s and want to know if SWA cares before I drop another $75 (unemployed at the moment so every buck counts;o)
While I'm not at WN yet, I will repeat the policy for every other airline I've ever worked. "Sunglasses must be conservative in style and color and may not detract from the professional image of the wearer... yada yada yada."

Whatever worked in the military will certainly work at the airlines. If you can stick it out, most airlines have special discount deals with sunglass distributors, so hold off before you buy an expensive pair. Sometimes, you can get a really nice pair for about 50% off (this may or may not be true with WN.)

I have a nice set of Serengetis I bought when working for SkyWest. Still have them after four years (I won't let my one-year old son take a crack at 'em!) Paid $65... they're $135 on the street.

Happy squinting,

I like the huge Rayban Aviators. I try to get them mirrored like the big hoss sherrifs wear. Actually I also wear Oakley 5s. They are black, pretty conservative and have excellent optics. They are better than some of the crazy junk I see some of these guys wearing. The ones that are big oval aviators are nuts, they cover about 80% of your face. Your nametag may as well say Captain Insano.

Of course, take this for what it's worth as I don't work at SWA.
SWA allows most types of sunglasses, all of the ones mentioned above are OK. We too get a discount from the "company store" on Seren. glasses & they are deducted from your payroll which is nice also. Hope that helps.

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