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SWA stuff

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Not stop loss again !!
May 9, 2002
Does SWA care if you get typed in the –300 vs –200?

With a pool of 300 and the “official word” that hiring has stopped until the end of the year, is there any hurry to run out and get an ATP this summer?

Any insight when the pool might start draining, and how long til one might see the bottom?

I’ve heard SWA interviews everyone that sends in a package that meets reqs. How many do they have on file? When they do start interviewing again, how many people per month are usually called in?

Best of luck to everyone waiting to dive in!
Things are changing

My understanding is that SWA is changing their approach to interviews. A good friend (Capt) who has done some of the interviews tells me that they feel the fact that they turn away so many (only 3 of the 12 that interviewed with me got in the pool). He tells me that they are no longer going to just interview anyone who meets the mins.......as I understand it they want to scrub the resume's and only interview people with very stronger backgrounds (educational, experience, etc)....anyway for what it is worth...that is what I have heard
Heres the deal..

SWA doesnt care what model 737 you got your type in..If you have a choice and there is no additional cost ,then go for the 300..The 200 is being phased out and you wont be trained on it anyway as a new hire..

As far as the ATP..
Every time someone tries to make plans based on what you hear in the way of company statements they get burned somehow..
If it were me..I would have all my ducks in a row,my guns test fired,cleaned,and oiled..

There have been many folks for various reasons in the past that ended up having to fess up to the fact that they cant take a class date or cant take advantage of a short notice slot because they arnt ready..
Case in point were a number of folks that got caught by not getting their type as soon as they could and then found out that they couldnt get a slot before their six months ran out..The company wont cut you any slack because you didnt hold up your end of the deal...

SO..If you really want to go when they call..And god only knows for sure when they will..Dont wait to the last minute on anything that may prevent you from doing what you really want to do... And thats either getting the job or a class date later on..

When was the official word that SWA was done hiring for the rest of the year........?

I thought that they were reviewing the possibility of having classes on a month to month basis? or a quarterly basis?

news to me.

Don't Delay!

Type = maybe
You didn't state the time frame of your availability, but if you want to work for an airline in the next two years you want to get ready now. Airlines change their interviewing and hiring criterea so you are trying to hit a moving target. But, in general the longer your application is on file, the higher you move up the stack. So, get your qualifications now. ATPs don't expire, so get it as soon as you meet the FAA mins. If you REALLY want SWA I'd go ahead and get the type. While no one may know the specifics of SWA's new interviewing criterea it is a good bet that having the type remains a key factor. Furthermore, having the type can make a LARGE differance in date of hire. If you interview with the type, your interview date is your pool date. Otherwise it is your type rating date. By the time you wait for the decision board and then schedule a type class you are looking at three months at least. Three months FO pay = type rating cost. So no matter what you are betting about 9 grand. Are you confidant enough to bet on yourself? On the other hand, if SWA is just your favorite because they are the only ones hiring than maybe not.
SWA now wants 3 LORs and TYPE

Two dudes on base just heard from SWA. One of them got his application back with the following note: "Thank you for applying, but at this time we require that you enclose include the 3 letters of recommendation as stated on the Website. We also ask that you do not reapply until you have the 3 LORs and a type rating”. The other guy who had sent in 3 LORs with his app but no Type rating received the following message: “Thank you for applying, but at this time your application has been put on “Inactive status”, if you wish for your application to be “Reactivated” please submit a copy of your Type Rating".

When I went for my interview there were 3 guys who didn’t submit any LORs with their apps, they brought them in when they interviewed. And 2 of my buds who wrote me LORs said they wouldn't write me one until I had an interview date.

The process is getting real tight now. It sounds like 3 LORs and a type are mandatory.
Just got off the phone with the good ol' People Dept. They confirmed that the type rating is not required in order to get an interview at this time. They said a lot of people have been floating that rumor around and found it a little laughable.
<<My understanding is that SWA is changing their approach to interviews.>>

That's pretty much correct according to some insiders over there I know well. They will also be more vigilant during the interview process. Evidently people were making it to the boards that should not there.
July phone call

Just talked to Lindsey. As always she was nice and so was I. Asked pointedly about the rumors that a Type is required for an interview. Her reply was not now or anytime in the future as far as she knows. This is based on conversations with the chief pilots. I told her it was a widly circulating rumor and her only answer was that a Type rated person might get an interview faster than a non-typed pilot. From what I can gleen SWA is looking for the right people. If they find someone they want, then its up to them to get a Type if they want the job.

No new interviews till they drain the pool or at least start scheduling classes. No known class dates she can discuss, however things are always changing.

Just waiting to give her a call next month! Good luck and its only a matter of time I am sure.

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