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SWA Study material

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Guys and gals..

Ive seen the adds for this guys stuff but i havnt found anyone that has used them..

Sure does look nice though..

I saw a set of the PASS cards and they looked pretty good. A couple of the guys from my base started class yesterday, so I'll try to get some feedback late next week of what they think of them after some systems.

[email protected] (480) 963-6399

Are these the same as the cards Mike recommended?
[email protected] (480) 963-5005

The biggest thing a SWA FO recommended was to make sure whatever you end up with they are current.

I would definitely be interested in getting a set once we determine which ones are the best.

Maybe the 14 Feb class could throw their .02 cents in?
Hey guys and gals..

The cards you are speaking of are Johns cards..

[email protected]..
[email protected]...


1801 W.Wisteria Dr
Chandler,AZ 85248

You can contact John by any of the above means..In the past John has waved the shipping charges on group orders..Thats five bucks to each of you so on a large order it could add up to to a nice discount..

I have both sets. JP's cards are very good, traditional flash cards. Gives great info, very well organized, clean & simple.

The other cards
are also good. Not as flashy looking but fills the bill nicely. What is good about this package is it comes with a checklist size 8 page of compressed info (very small print!!!) which is good for review. Has all the important data there & lots of nice to know info.

As to which one is better, hard to say. If I had to recommend one I'd probably go with JP's for the new hire. It has what you need to know in a format that is great for studying. the other cards are useful for when you get past the basics. Has everything JPs does + more but not as in as clean a format. Lots of extraneous info that might overwhelm a new guy. my .02

good luck
more cards!

Just to really confuse things someone recommended this guy's cards:

GDuplissey@compuserve or [email protected]

Anyone seen these?

To all,

My mistake, it was Pansmith's & Duplisey's cards I was referenced, not the one I mentioned in my most. My sentiment is the same toward them both. My apologies for any confusion. I realized it after the name was posted on the last post & I went back & check my cards out. Again, my apologies.
Thought I'd bump this to the top

I wish I could "Rat-tail" all the poolies passing me by with my new "Rat-towel". Heaven knows it is whet enough.

Best of luck.
A lot of people of my class over a year ago had the PASS cards which does have everything and more that you will need to pass a checkride, which by the way is one of the easiest ones that I have ever had.

Having had previous 737 experience I opted not to buy the cards. I felt that I am lazy enough and if I did buy the cards that would be all I would study. I pictured myself being asked a question in an oral and saying, "I'm not quite sure of the answer but I can find it in my flash cards." Everything you need to know is in the FOM and FRM. I would suggest that you dont rely soley on the cards. For me the book works fine.

Good luck to you all. May the hiring this year explode.

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