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SWA Study material

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Hello everybody!

I understand that there are two SWA pilots that sell flash cards. I would like to know how to get intouch with them and if there is any preferance of one set of cards over the other.

I also heard that one SWA pilot made a book on SWA procedures, anyone know about it?



The guy you need to call is John Pansmith..
[email protected]

Best cards for the money you can find and he puts alot of effort into them..Just about all newhires use Johns cards ..

Study Cards

Hey Mike,

Now that you have had the chance to use these materials real time - are they the way to go?

Oh yea..The only way to go..As you will soon see..

Excellent Cards

I'll third that, I got these cards a couple months ago and they are awesome study material. I like the card "When is the Captain authorized to buy a round of drinks for the passengers?" Now that's my kind of airline....Yeaaaaaa!!!
PASS Cards

Hey guys,
I've been on the boards for a little while now but this is my first post. I interviewed Jan 22 and got the JM call on Friday as well.

For All Y'all (that's plural for ya'll) who may be starting class soon, I got the flyer for the PASS cards when I was at Higer Power last summer, and it mentioned something about group discounts for new hires. Any takers on us all getting together with a group order? I know I need to get a set of these things.

PS. Say, how do you guys get all those cool pictures next to your posts, anyway?
Re: PASS Cards

PTinbound said:
PS. Say, how do you guys get all those cool pictures next to your posts, anyway?

Sorry, if we told you we would have to kill you...

And that's against SWA policy...

It specifically says you can't kill fellow employees.

However I am interested in the group discount thing. Do you know what the costs are for solo vs gaggle?
Just Kidding

On the top of your page click on "user cp" (just below the jungle jet). Then click on "edit options." At the bottom of the next page is info about how to set your "AVATAR."

Good luck and welcome aboard.

See ya in DAL
Hmmmmm...tough question. When asking what the costs are for "solo or gaggle", is that for the study cards or for the round of drinks? If for both...then you're in solid at SWA. :D

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