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SWA Second Interviews?

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Active member
Sep 11, 2002
I am sure there are hundreds of folks that have already been shot down by SWA and are now eligible for a 2nd interview. Has anyone gotten the call or had a second interview yet?
My buddy did... 3 years after he was rejected in 2002..
I know of one guy who was part of the first group of interviewees back when the resumed interviews (3/04?). He was called recently for another interview.
2nd, 3rd & 4th Interviews


SWA has always dipped back into the pool of highly qualified candidates who for some reason weren't selected on the first try. I recall the time I got a call from a friend who had been turned down for the 2nd time (great guy BTW) & told the story to the CA I was flying with...he then relayed his story to me of how he was hired on his 4th try....he didn't even think about it after all these years & was glad he was persistent.

Hang in there & update your app at the first available (1 year from the interview) date...if you were good enough to get the call the first time it would bode well for you that you could get a subsequent call. Thanks for your continued interest in Southwest....good luck!!!
How many guys are getting interviews without the 737 type? I heard some have and you have to get a type b4 a class date.

I got a call in 2000 without it but got a job offer for "the last job I'll ever have..."

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