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SWA: raising mins/reviving type? or both

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Victor Basta

Dec 3, 2001
Can anyone substantiate or dispell a rumor of SWA raising mins to 5,000tt or bringing back the 737 type rating requirment for interview???

thanks in advance,
Victor Basta
From what I've read, SWA is the only game in town right now and while they haven't changed the published minimums, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are enjoying the cream of the crop with all of the already typed, furloughed 737 drivers out there that might be a little torqued that they're out on the street. From what I gather, if you meet the minimums, you will get an interview, but don't count on it before all the guys with prior 37 experience.
Guys with types are getting preference for interviews at the moment, except for those who already had interviews scheduled prior to 9/11. So, in practice, you're not looking at an interview "soon" unless you have the type.

If you scan the "poolies" topic, you'll note that almost all the civilian guys selected have 5000+ but there are military guys with as few as 2500 hours.

However, the majority of folks in the pool would have been there since before any major "policy shift" so I'm not sure how much you can read into it. I suspect that if they want high-timers, in the current environment they'll be able to get them without actually changing their mins...
The type rating is easy the hard part is getting 3 pilots who are willing to say your a good stick.
TurboS7 said:
The type rating is easy the hard part is getting 3 pilots who are willing to say your a good stick.

That's no yoke! :D Merry Christmas all!

The minimums for SWA have not changed. Neither is the statement that if you meet the requirements that you'll be called for an interview. What hasn't changed either is that folks who meet the minimum + have types will be called before those without types. With the pool of applicants who have types growing the wait time for those without types is probably in excess of 6 months but nothing is for sure, maybe longer, maybe shorter, bet on the former versus the latter. Hope that helps.

The one change that goes into affect in Jan is any apps submitted after that date will require the 3 letters of recommendations WITH the application. Before you could submit the app & then the LORs but no more after 1 Jan. These can be letters from anyone who has flown with you but LORs from SWA pilots who have flown with you carry more weight when it comes time to make recommendations. Hope that helps,

Seems to be lot of work just try to get on with a gloryfied regional, and a PFT regional on top of that...
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Bet that 'glorified regional' will still be around hiring when another 'major' bites the dust and puts their pilots on the street. Scoff & chuckle as you may, but judging by their past history and the rate things are going, they will be the ones getting the last laugh on everyone....all the way to the bank! :D
"and a PFT regional on top of that..."

Southwest requires a type rating as a condition of hire. This is different from PFT. You don't pay for your training at Southwest.

Their requirement is more akin to requiring a commercial licnese or requiring 1000 PIC turbine. In a sense, every airline is PFT. It sounds to me like you're a little bitter toward Southwest.

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