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SWA poolies...

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...in OAK!
Dec 10, 2001
Update coming this weekend. March class attendees have been removed and we've added another dozen to the list.

Again, if anyone knows someone not listed, please get them to list their stats. We're still getting stats from last year's poolies. There's more still out there and getting the word out is how we get this list more accurate.

Those of you listed that are about to get your type rating, please update when you have type in hand. Then your pool date will begin.

If there's any errors, please let me know and we'll make the corrections on the next update. I've been known to mistype a name or enter a wrong date a time or two.

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their information. This list is only possible through your efforts by sending in your stats.

When Southwest opens the flood gates again for training, it'll be nice to see us all moving up the list!!

Just a little longer,

Another pool entry

Waiting on the drug test and background but made it through the decision board! Ready to join you all in the pool.
Interview date: 18 Mar 02
Type date: 18 Feb 02
Available ? stop loss waiver? Earliest 5 Jul 02 with waiver approval.
I'm cautiously excited and looking forward to joining the posts.
I also passed the Decision Board

I passed the 4-24 DB and did the whiz quiz last week. As long as the background check is good, I guess I am good to go.

Applied 11-3-01
Typed 1-8 02
Interviewed 3-8-02

Glad to have made it this far!
usnswa & sweet biscuits,

Thanks for your stats. They'll be posted on the update this weekend.

Also, are either one of you on stop/loss or are you available for training "Now"?

Welcome to the list!!


Roger that.

Be sure to send an update when you have your type in hand.

Good luck,


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