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SWA Poolies . . . a glimmer of hope?

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Well-known member
May 19, 2007
I'm hearing rumors from training center instructors of one, possibly two classes at the end of the year once our current RNP training is complete.

With three cities new next year, flying inching back towards 2007 levels, and the loss of a few pilots through attrition/retirement, this rumor seems very plausible to me.

Looking forward to buying you your first two beers at the ELP Radisson, after 6 legs of course.

I think you guys are good to go. At LCC we heard the same kind of rumblings, along with the same pessimism, and we got recalls. Keep in mind this is USAirways I'm talking about. Good luck, I think it'll come to fruition.
Uhhhh, no. Sorry.

Every conceivable path for upgrade/FO hiring has been beaten to death.

Age 65, no one is retiring at 62 as promised.

No growth.

800's increasing ASM possibly requiring no growth.

An admitted 400 pilot overage during slack, neutral manning during high tide.

Economy still sucks.

What you may be hearing is need to upgrade some FO's to CA to cover for increased costs of paying CA JA vice FO JA.

Sorry, keep your day job or two, like all of us.

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