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SWA March 14th Class

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Nov 26, 2001
Informed by JM today to expect class 14 March. Should receive official call within next few weeks.

Interview Date: 06/06/01

Typed: 09/24/01

Best of luck to those still waiting!!


Congratulations Rowell!!!!
For Ivauir's benefit, I would like to point out that I predicted your call to this class on 31 Jan. My mystic skills are once again proved correct. KingAirGuy, you could have saved your $10 by contacting me and requesting my soothsayer, nay, sorcerer type skills.

Happy days.

Very nice!! Congrats!!

Ms Cleeo told me dat!
Ms Cleo say your class gonna be ...

Phillip Spatz
The Krackman
FedExbound (better change dat name!)
plus 9 folk that cannot figure out how to get on dat internet thing

You know pegasus, you are pretty smart for a fella that can't figure out how to get a picture in his profile;) . You win the no prise this time - I put it in the mail yesterday:D
Last edited:
Hey you're pretty good.

Hey Pegasus:

You're pretty good with that crystal ball. Got any predictions for me? BTW, if "FedExBound" doesn't want a spot on the March 14th class, I'll be happy to take it.;)

As far as a picture next to MY name: I'm still looking to find the pic of Charlie Brown standing on the pitcher's mound, getting rained on. Y'all remember that classic?

Good grief!!!

Da Dah

Dum de da dah dah dah DAH

Unveiling, for the very 1st time, my new avatar (whatever that is).
So, Ivauir, no doubt I have you cowering at my massive accomplishment (spelling that was my second biggest).

Biterettor, I have seen the future,
And I can say that call, they will,
Get ready to attend a class,
On the 11th of April.

Oh, never mind.
in need of a prognostication

Pegasus and Ivauir - have a possible chance to extend 60 days minimum, 90 days maximum in the Navy. My question is what are your considered opinions on my most probable class date.
Interviewed 10 Sep 01
Typed 27 Jan 02
Pool 27 Jan 02
If I extend I can get out no earlier than the 1st of June. I'm wondering if there is a snowball's chance of sneaking into a May class or am I in the June/July/August timeframe. I'm thinking July, but I don't have your skill in the dark arts.

Thanks for the entertainment,

P.S. I would just get out to be available as soon as possible but the 6000 a month is not a bad thing and flying is fun versus sitting around watching mtv eating poptarts (to quote albief15, I think)
Firstthird, I would extend a while
For this is your date, so I heard
Keep us safe a little longer
Then join the team May 23rd

Or May 9th if an extra class is added in March

Ivauir, what does BYW mean?

Best you watchout?
Buy you whisky?:D

Biterettor=Rightbettor. No idea why I decided to type it like that. Just fooling around!:confused:

Now, the fraud charge is serious! I can assure you I am a bona fide prognosticator of the highest order. Just ask my wife. :)
Smoke and Mirrors

pegasus & ivauir,

All knowing, please look into your crystal ball for me!

Interview 15 May 01

Type/ Pool 4 Nov 01

Barely Threading,


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