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SWA is coming into the 90's!

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Well-known member
Dec 10, 2001
Heard about this from a CSA in TPA:

"Just thought I would let ya'll know WN is rolling out (at LONG last) one stop check in this summer. We are doing away with the plastic boarding cards and the numbered groups. :eek:

When you check in your luggage at the counter (no earlier than 2 hours before your flt) we will issue you a paper boarding card on the spot with either group A,B or C on it. Thats it. You go to your gate and dont have to wait in line again!

As a customer service agent I cannot wait for this to happen. We will hold aside 15-20 "A" cards for people who do not check in at the counter and go straight to the gate. We still have some kinks to work out but it should be rolled out sometime after May or April."

Who says ya can't teach an old dog new tricks? :D
I think the justification for the plastic boarding cards was that the total cost of issuing a paper ticket and boarding pass is around $7 per passenger. SWA is very keen at keeping costs low, but they are also very keen on cutomer service. It'll be nice to eliminate the 2 step check-in.

As far as teaching an old dog new tricks... It seems like most of the new tricks in the industry come from SWA. (judging from the many clones that still haven't matched their profitablility and success.)
Southwest is a fantastic airline. I've travelled on them a couple of times and enjoyed the experience. Smokin' Herb did something right... I remember some of the hilarious commercials they've aired on TV--my favorite shows a bumper sticker that said "Fly Southwest--Herb needs the money".

Happy New Year!

Half the fun of flying SWA is seeing how low of number you can get. In Florida it is easy as people have not caught on yet, try to do that in Dallas, the line starts 3 hours prior to departure. Cheers.:D

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