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SWA intrvws...Is Renaissance worth $220??

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Dec 29, 2004
Many have said that it's a must to stay at the Renaissance prior to your SWA interview to get a chance to meet your fellow interviewees, SWA pilots and possibly some of your interviewers. When I called to reserve a room, all the "special rate" rooms were booked and the only rooms they had were $220.00.

So my question is, is it worth it? Should I chalk it up to the cost of "whatever it takes" or should I maybe get a room elsewhere and find transportation over to have dinner down there?

Go Whitesox!!!
Hey Cheat,

When I did my SWA interview, they quoted me $160. They said the crew rate wasn't available that night - I guess only so many rooms at that rate. I reserved one anyway. When I got down there to check in, I asked if the crew rate would be available, and after I showed them my interview letter, they graciously changed my rate to the cheap crew rate. You might want to try that. They seem really nice down there and accomodating.
I stayed there, and the rate given was high as well. I think it was $150 plus per night. When I checked in the manager happened to be there, and he gave me a better rate ($55 per night) than what I got over the phone. Luck I guess. It is a very nice hotel, and there are tons of SW people who stay there. As far as a must stay before the interview, I don't know about that. Three of the five who got hired that day stayed elswhere. I stayed there, and didn't get hired. I don't think it mattters too much where you stay. It's more important to get a good night sleep the night before. If I get the oppurtunity to interview again next May, I'll stay there again, it's a nice hotel.
Hey Jetjockey,

It's that DC9 time in your profile that didn't get you hired. That blue stink is following you around. ;) Just kidding; you going to take the MD80 gig?
I didn't have the same luck with getting the crew rate. I spent about $120 and couldn't get it lowered when I made my reservation (a month in advance) or when I checked in.

I got the job, and yes, I ran into several of my fellow interviewees and interviewers at the bar, but you could still go to the bar yet spend the night somewhere else.

Like JetJockey said, a good night's sleep is more important than anything else.

When I interviewed, I stayed there. I definitely feel it will not affect your abilitlity to get hired, however. Unless you feel any comfort in meeting your contemporaries, which would put your mind at ease, then spend the money. But I'd rather stay at the Ramada and throw money at a big steak in Texas before I give it to the Mariott corporation.

Good luck at the interview!!

Alcatraz, I would have rather paid the higher rate and have gotten hired! Maybe I used up all my "luck" when I got the lower rate at check-in. What's with all this go Sox stuff??? Is there no decorum on this board anymore??

A suffering Cub fan.
$220 would be a bit steep for me. You can always do like some people i know and stay somewhere else, and come to the Rennaissance bar/restaurant the night b4 for an hour or so. i didn't meet any fellow interviewees, but i did run into some firneds that were in new hire training.
Save your money

I stayed at a brand X and didn't meet anyone. If you really feel like you want to meet some of the guyr or gals....stay at brand x and take a cab to the Marriott.

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