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Mar 16, 2006
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I know this has already been gone over and over. I've been searching for over an hour for any kind of previous post, to no avail.

Applied to SWA online. 6000TT, 1400 jet PIC, CRJ Check Airman.

Someone told me that the Check Airman was weighted similarly to the 737 type (on the "who are we goona call for an interview" scale). . . I am curious if this is true, or if the check airman thing wasn't that big a deal to SWA.

I don't have any problem getting the type, as I want to work for SWA for a variety of reasons (pay only being one of many reasons), and if I get turned down I will re-apply until I get it. . . BUT if I never do 'get it', I may have to apply somewhere else.

It seems like the consensus is here that the B737 would be a detriment to my career.

Curious who thinks the B737 type would be bad for my career (if SWA doesn't like me).

Does having the check airman letter bump me enough to not need the type (to be called for an interview), or do I need to get it to have any shot at it?

Sorry in advance if this post doesn't make sense. Its been one of those days!

Thanks guys!


Feb 1, 2003
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Get the type, if they offer you a job it may get you into a class sooner. Seniority is everything once you get here. It could be six less months commuting

On Belay

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Jan 27, 2006
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I know two E120 check airman from Skywest who just got called in for an interview. Coincidentally (or not), they both recently got typed in the 73. If you want to work at SWA, get the type rating.