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SWA Interview Gouge

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New member
Nov 27, 2005
Do any of you Southwest guys have current info you could pass on for an upcoming Interview? Looking mostly for the types of questions that HR will be asking. Interview is next week!

Thanks in advance,


I assume you're still flying the C40, if so then I think there are SWA guys in most units that fly the C40 for the Navy. Certainly take the time to chat with them....flyforfood is good as mentioned on here by a previous poster. The HR questions that get asked are on that website I believe but talk to your buds who have gone through the process....the best advice someone gave though is to start preparing in advance, before the interview. A coupleo of thoughts on how to do that:

1. Read the book Nuts...gives a great overview of the company & peak at the culture.

2. Read the book "The Southwest Airlines Way"....a bit more technical but it does some interesting comparisons, pre-911 I believe about the fundamental differences in the business models of the various legacy carriers & a LCC like SWA.

3. "The Southwest Passage" by Lamar Muse is his version of the early history of SWA...interesting read & again a look inside the "early" SWA & what made/makes it great. Things have changed but the essence of what was laid down 34 years ago by him, Rollin King & Herb are hopefully still there.

4. Take a look at your logbook & begin to recall stories, events, happenings that occurred while flying that demonstrate your strengths, lessons learned & assets that you can bring to SWA.

5. Think long & hard about "why you for SWA?" & "Why SWA?".....there are no right or wrong answers....these must be your words (all of the interview needs to be just your words in case you were wondering ;) )....if you're wondering about "why you for SWA?"....ask your friends, spouse, folks who know you & your personality & know something about SWA also....that can very helpful, I've heard.

6. Be yourself, enjoy the experience of learning about a fun company...in the process you'll learn alot about yourself & what you value in life.

Good luck & thanks for your service to our country. Cheers,
good, free website with lots of interview info

You asked for input from SWA pilots, I'd love to work there someday...FWIW, I've found www.aviationinterviews.com to be full of great interview info.

Best of luck, LUV FLYING.
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