SWA Interview Application??


John Ross Ewing JR
Dec 9, 2001
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I was wondering if new pilots had to fill out an application for SWA. I can't recall if I filled one out when I did the interview.

Usually I make a copy for myself and I can't remember if I ever actually filled one out.

If there is an application does anybody have a copy of what it looks like??

I did fill out the Pilot Summary when I sent in my resume originally but for some dang reason I can't remember if I filled out a full size app.

Anybody have an answer to this one?? or better yet a copy of an application? Just trying to remember what I put on it......



SWA Pool Dog Paddler
Mar 20, 2002
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It was the one they mailed you before your interview that states at the top:

"If you do not complete ALL sections you WILL NOT be considered for employment", so I'm sure you filled it out. Otherwise, well, somebody goofed.....

It has the open blocks on the first page for the basic info. Page 2 is driving history, criminal history, and educational info. Page 3 is residence info and employment/unemployment info. Employment info is also on pages 4,5, and 6. Page 6 is also military exp, License verification, and terms of application/employment where you sign your John Hancock after carefully reading all the fine print.

This brings up page 2 regarding driving history if that's what you're wondering about. (Reference previous posts last week on the subject). It only asks: "Have you ever been convicted of or pled guilty to a traffic violation (including DWI/DUI)?

As far as criminal history goes, it asks: "Have you ever been convicted of or been found guilty by reason of insanity to any of the law violations listed below?" Then there's the list of about 25 crimes that they're specifically interested in.

The employer history covers ten years.

That in a nutshell is about it. It looks like the generic employment app and there's no questions specifically related to flying.

Hope this helps jog your memory.