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SWA Hopeful?

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Well-known member
Mar 30, 2002
I was turned down for the first time at SWA about 2 years ago.
I am now eligible to reapply.

SWA has always been my first choice, as a matter of fact it is the only major that I have ever applied to. I was furloughed by a national airline back in the fall and that airline is a shadow of its original self, so being recalled is not a real possibility. I currently fly for one of the frax, not bad but SWA is really where I want to be.

My questions are: Does SWA hire from fractionals very often?

I am considering getting the type. What are my real chances of actually being invited to a SECOND interview?

Actually getting hired?

Glum in PA:rolleyes:

The fact that they called you the first time means that they wanted to give you a shot..

The fact that you are about to try again is pretty much a no harm/no foul kinda thing in their eyes..There are many,many folks around that have gotten on in their second or even third attempt..

The cross section of who they hire runs the full scale..Folks from the fracs are hired all the time..

My concern would over why you didnt get it the first time..They used to allow you to know where you could improve your performance in the past if you called them up..I think they still do..It would be very general,but better than not knowing where you were weak the first time..

When you find out what areas were of concern, then do every thing you can to improve those areas..

If the interview didnt go well,which is usually the case,then get the best and as much prep as you can..

If an event or violation was an issue..then get all the information you can and document it so well that a person without any background in aviation can see its a non event..This also seems to be a pretty regular problem..Not being able to support your side of the story with documentation or recounting the event in a negative light is pretty much a no starter..

As for the type..Thats still a gamble in alot of ways but it does have major benefits in this job market..If you really want to work for us then go and get it would be my advice and dont look back..

Last but not least...
Use this board...USE THIS BOARD!!!There are hundreds of people on this board that have gotten the job that you want..Get active!!

USE THE GOUGE!!!Half the battle is knowing how the game is to be played..

Southwest is without a doubt in my mind the best job out there!!
Its worth all the effort needed to get the last job you will ever apply for..

If you have any questions or concerns ,just send me a PM and i will try to answer them..

2nd Interview

Thanks for considering SWA a 2nd time around. SWA does hire many 2nd, 3rd & some 4th interviewees so don't hesitate to throw your name in the hat again.

Ever done a go-around? We all have but we all try to improve the next time around, i.e. turn up the approach lights, different approach, etc. Use the same tactic with your next interview/flying history. If you didn't get any word on what wasn't quite right the last time review the basics:

1. Interview prep. Become familiar with your own history, stories & be comfortable talking about them in a way that highlights your strengths & how you've learned from your weaknesses. Review the questions.

2. Strong & current LoRs are a must. CURRENT!!!

3. What have you done to improve yourself since the last application? More flying time? Better flying time? More PIC time?

a. In line with that thinking, one opinion on your question about a type or no-type. Yes we do hire folks without types but you didn't get hired the last time did you? Was it because of the type, no. If it was me though, if SWA is REALLY where you want to be, invest the money (it is an investment which means there are risks) & get the type. This shows a willingness on your part to improve yourself. You didn't have one last time, you do have one this time! Does it mean you're better than some other applicant, no but it does show in a very visible fashion you're not happy with status quo from the last time. My own 2 cents. Others may disagree but I'd stack the deck anyway I could to demonstrate to them I'm the guy for them & I want to work for SWA.

4. Fill out all paperwork in a flawless fashion, not necessarily overneat but make all entries easily verifiable. Grease the skids. Make sure all training departments will get the info to them quickly. Integrity is #1 on SWA's list of things that can get you out of their graces quickly, as it should be. Inadvertent lapses won't justify an errory though.

5. Be yourself at the interview. If you're a jerk, it will show through, if you're a disgruntled furloughed guy (most aren't, a few are) who hates your last employer, don't bother. If each step in your aviation career has been a learning experience in which both good & bad have been melded together to make the experience rewarding, come on down!! Let 'em know at the interview what isn't on the piece of paper in front of them (your resume) & why you're the guy for the job.

Sorry for the ramble, hope I helped a little. If more questions just PM & I'll be glad to talk more. cheers, God Bless

I LUV you man..Now..How about that Bud lite?


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