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SWA Hopeful Rumor Mill

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Well-known member
Nov 26, 2001
*******CAUTION******** this is strictly a rumor. Heard today that SWA will soon raise the minimum Turbine PIC requirement to 1500. Anyone else hearing this rumor?
Don't know if will ever be published, but the 1500 is the min anyone is being called for interview with. I also heard this. When you have thousands of apps and the majority has well more than that it kinda makes sense. But to see it in writing, I doubt it since they only have to call people who meet the parameters now anyway.
Yep, I've heard it from a SWA People Dept. person that the Turbine PIC time minimum varies between 1700 and 2300 to get an interview. Getting your 1000 and the going to another carrier to fly right seat again may not be a good idea if you're dead set on SWA!
At AirInc this past weekend at DCA, the SWA folks said the current low end of PIC is about 1600-1800 PIC. They also said that they are looking for currency in the left seat.

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