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SWA hiring criteria???

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Jan 10, 2002
Hi guys,

I was wondering what does it take to get hired at SWA apart from their min. specified requirement.
Are they looking at age also???
Are they looking for some min. experience before they even touch you? or type of experience?
Are references very important??
what is avg. class age and hours?

Thanks ppl

:confused: :confused: :confused:
The requirements for an interview are listed at www.southwest.com. Look under employment opportunities. They're pretty straight forward. As for the decision on who gets hired....the fundamentals remain fairly simple.

1. How do you come across in the interview? Personable, likeable, team oriented, sense of humor, etc. Read the book "Nuts" for more details on what type of person SWA is looking for.

2. Flying experience. Not always the number of hours but the quality of hours, type of aircraft, PIC experience. SWA hires Capts, not FOs! Have you had the experiences that demonstrate that & does that come across on your resume & interview? You'll have to be the judge.

3. Letters of recommendation. Quality over quantity. SWA pilots better than non-SWA but this isn't a disqualifier. A so-so letter from a SWA pilot doesn't carry as much water as an exceptional letter from a non-SWA pilot.

4. Strong reading resume. Paper work you submit should be clean, legible. Phone numbers accurate. All the basic stuff.

Hope that helps. Meeting the mins gets you the interview, you sell yourself to SWA at the interview on why they should hire you. Hope that helps.
I'd say the interview is the most important thing.

It's pretty clear they don't look at age for hiring. The oldest in our class is 50 the youngest is 25.

Don't be discouraged if you don't have an SWA letter of rec, I didn't have one. I had three letters, two were from previous bosses who also flew with me.

I also provided an extra list of references of which two where called.

Good luck!
Chase or anyone else,

I know you need letters of rec from people you've flown with but are letters from Southwest employess also good eventhough you have never flown with them. They are just character references. THanks.

My perspective: I interviewed last month and I'm waiting for the 20 Feb board.

I submitted letters from SWA guys who flew with me and guys who have not.

I've been told any positive letters are good.

Letters from SWA guys who have flown with and know you well are probably the best (if they're positive and well written)

If the guy hasn't flown with you, but knows you well and can speak to your character and personality, send it in!

My mix of letters inlcluded:

SWA guys I have flown with,
SWA guys I haven't flown with but know me well,
non-SWA guys from previous jobs I've flown with,
Flight Attendants who have flown with me as their captain,
USMC General officers who have flown with me and for whom I've worked in administrative capacities.

Bottom line: Send it in if it makes you look good and it is from a credible source.

Another point: the people who write these letters might get calls from the SWA folks to get some additional background info. Make sure they can communicate well over the phone and won't embarrass you.

Good luck!
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