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SWA Flightops Newsline, 7 Aug

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Well-known member
Nov 27, 2001
Just copied this off the myswa.com web site.

>We have been told by the Training Center that there are no tentative Pilot classes planned from now through the end of the year. That could change if we find a necessity to do so, but for now, no new classes are scheduled.

Some thoughts. As others have commented the Aug 19 deadline for voting by SWAPA is one of the factors effecting this decision IMHO. Still hard to tell if the momentum to vote for the extension is still there or if it is shifting. The company maybe putting this out to help sway folks who may question whether growth will continue at SWA without an extension.

Additionally other factors do have the company concerned, i.e. slowing economy, more pressure on yields & lower fares contribute to lower profits, gov. loans to other airlines that will be competing with us with "cheap money" while we're doing without it, etc.

However, before going postal the last line is crucial, "That could change if we find a necessity to do so,...." This basically gives the company carte blanc to start up classes on 21 Aug is it deems necessary.

I posted this bash or build hopes but to merely comment on before I head out for a trip. I'm sure it would've been posted on here eventually anyway but thought I'd give my persepective.

As others have said, other regionals, low cost carriers are still interviewing/hiring. For those without jobs I would certainly be considering them for employment....bread on the table is pretty important. SWA will continue to hire & will do well, the timing right now is just not as good as it has been. It will improve I'm sure but the timeframe is the $10,000 dollar question.

Checking 6

Chase I am sure I share the sentiments of folks who read these inputs from folks like yourself on the inside. Thanks for the information...

I agree that SWA knows what it is doing and will share with the world at large what those plans are only when they are in the best interest of SWA as a whole to do so.


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