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SWA Feb 14th Class

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Well-known member
Nov 25, 2001
Hello everyone! J3CubCapt here;

First off I would like to congradulate all of you on your long swim and ability to see the shore not far away. It's very exciting to see the 4th Qtr report so stong and the classes growing.

I wanted to start a new thread that was class specific. This way each person assigned to a particular class can communicate with others in that class.

As for me, I'm an ex-midway guy who is coming to the company too, but in a slightly different position. I will be attending the Feb 14th class as an instructor. I have been on the board for a long time and I'm really do looking forward to meeting everyone.

Thanks and ready to have a great time!

class dates

I've been reading the threads for several days now and have a couple of observations I would like to make. Here goes:

Jules: It seems that it has been since Jan 10th that two new classes have been added and the sizes have been increased to 24-26 (probable dependent on new instructors attending). By my math it seems that an additional 94 slots could be added by May. Check my math (26 people X 2 classes) + (7 existing classes X 6 people) = 94. Jules you may be in before you think.

As for how class dates are given out: I heard a while back from someone who is very close to the SW HR department that class dates were given according to type rating date. When everyone starting talking about "pool letter date" I didn't give much more thought to the type date concept. However, if you look at those that have been given dates, it seem that they were the first to get their type ratings - with only a few exceptions. These exceptions might be those people who are just not available until a later date (ie skypig). These are military people who, although not affected by "stop loss", have a commitment holding them until a later date than they would like or civilians who have commitments holding them.

As for why some people (like Jules) are being told to expect May when there may be more than 200 training slots through April (standing rumor of less than 200 hired/awaiting class date):

SW may have a rough estimate of the number of people who interviewed in Jan. and may be hired with type rating dates before people like Jules (sorry to use your name so much jules, I can't remember the others in your position).

I know they idea that some people that are not hired yet may go to class before others that are hired seems outrageous, but it is in line with the type rating date concept and would explain why some are being told to expect May even though we think there are more slots through April than there are people waiting.

The other explanation is that there are considerably more than 200 people hired and waiting for dates. (seems unlikely)

One final note: If I had a nickel for every time I used the word "may" in this post, I'd be well on my way to paying off my type rating. This is only a an idea as to why things seem to be happening quite differently than many people thought.

In case you are wondering: typed in Nov, interviewed in Jan - awaiting the word. Not available until May.

Good luck to everyone,

I talked to Jennifer yesterday. I brought up the fact that some of my friends who had interviewed months after me had gotten classes already (they had their types before the interview). She said 1) if you have your type before the interview, they use your interview date, 2) if you don't have your type before the interview, they use your type date. She said there are some other factors that they consider but she wouldn't elaborate on those.

The pool list seems to agree with her statements. Up until a few days ago, everyone who had been called for a class had either interviewed in or before July (with type) or typed in/before July. Now they seem to be working on the poolies whose "date" falls in Aug.
class dates


You seem to have the right information. The only thing that doesn't fit is why someone like pegasus (who was hired then got type Nov 19th) would be told that he/she won't be in until May at earliest. If there are only 200 or less people hired and waiting for classes and there are going to be as many as 220 training slots through April, pegasus should be in by April at the latest.

Additionally, people interviewing in Jan (many with types) were told to expect to be in class as early as April. Maybe it is those other factors that JM was talking about.

Oh well, only time will tell. Everyone one on these SW threads should be in wonderful moods. It looks like great things are going to be happening at SWA and hopefully we will all be within the next several months to enjoy them.

Good luck everyone and keep those positive vibes coming!!!
LUV classes

I'm just a caveman ... :confused: but it is my guess that what they say at the interview and what JM tells us is not from the same "pool" of knowledge. I think JM's sight picture is limited to the two or so classes she is filling. Beyond that it doesn't sound like anyone has ever really gotten any accurate information. For example, we are all assuming 3 classes a month right now, and it seems to be a reasonable assumption - but other than the added classes in Jan a Feb has anything else been announced? So JM is probably basing her estimates on 2 classes a month for now.
Now maybe I am just grasping at straws (look where I am on the list! Typed Nov 28) but I think we'll all be on property no later than late April. :cool: I don't even need to do any math to reach this conclusion: they are interviewing a ton of people right now - I don't think they'd be wasting their time if the people they hire out of those interviews were just going to sit in a pool for a year:eek:
SWA Chief pilot rumor

Hey everyone wading,

I talked with Jesse (see SWA poo list) last night. He started on the 17th. Anyway, from one of their briefings from a chief pilot (I assume DAL) some points.

1) Plan on a class every 2 weeks thru May

B) Class size upward of 26

3) A net gain (minimum) of 16 planes this year

D) A review of financial strength in May to determine future hiring

5) Somewhere between 200 and 500 newhires, depending on D)

Good luck, just trying to keep the rumors flying.


More of the same

This is mostly my take on previous posts:

I've been told that the date is the later of the type and interview dates. Dunno how good that is.

Jan has three classes sheduled (confirmed). Feb-Apr are 2 per.

I was also led to belive that the pool was 150 - 200+... that jibes nicely with the late May dates the Dec-Jan pool entrants were led to believe.

My nominal pool date is 01Sep, and I've been told to expect Mar-Apr class dates. Assuming the above and 50-ish people per class per month (January's 3 classes notwithstanding), it works out pretty close to the timeframe we were all told to expect (i.e. if you are at the end of the 200+ pool, May is the target...)

Good luck...
Anyone else in this class?

Is anyone else scheduled for this Feb 14th class?

I know myself and one other instructor will be.

14 Feb 4 Me Too

I'm in too.

JM called 17 Jan; Expecting a chief pilot call within the next week or too. JM had no new intel other than my class date (which was plenty!)

Here's my stats:

Interviewed Dec 11 00.

Typed 27 Aug 01.

Class Date: 14 Feb 02.

No stop loss.

Look forward to seeing all of you in the SWA system soon.

Great way to start with LUV - on Valentine's Day.

- Shamu4Me
Shamu Congrats!

Congrats man! Glad to hear it. All I know right now is the class date. No word yet on Rooms or anything else.

I understand that the wives/spouses get to come down for the first day or so and get a tour, wine and dine, etc.

If you hear anything new please drop me a line or a post.

Looking forward to meeting you.


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