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SWA Expands its Expansion

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I know this question has probably been posted before, but I'm gonna ask anyway. What is the SWA pilot pay scale? Is Oakland fairly easy to get for a newbe? Thanks in advance!:confused:
Oakland base

I hear Oakland is an easy base for a junior guy/gal to get, it's the one I'm shooting for!

Last that I heard was Baltimore and Oakland were the two most junior bases.

Year in
9/1/94 9/1/99 9/1/00 9/1/01 9/1/02 9/1/03 9/1/04
1 $30.11 $31.01 $31.94 $32.90 $33.89 $34.91 $36.65
2 $50.80 $52.32 $53.89 $55.51 $57.18 $58.89 $61.84
3 $56.56 $58.25 $60.00 $61.80 $63.65 $65.56 $68.84
4 $62.44 $64.31 $66.24 $68.23 $70.27 $72.38 $76.00
5 $68.39 $70.44 $72.55 $74.73 $76.97 $79.28 $83.24
6 $70.31 $72.42 $74.59 $76.83 $79.13 $81.51 $85.58
7 $71.12 $73.25 $75.45 $77.71 $80.04 $82.44 $86.56
8 $71.93 $74.08 $76.31 $78.60 $80.95 $83.38 $87.55
9 $72.75 $74.93 $77.18 $79.49 $81.88 $84.33 $88.55
10 $73.55 $75.76 $78.03 $80.37 $82.78 $85.27 $89.53
11 $74.36 $76.59 $78.89 $81.26 $83.70 $86.21 $90.52
12 $75.17 $77.43 $79.75 $82.14 $84.61 $87.15 $91.50

These are "trip" pay rates. To convert to an hourly rate for comparison to other airlines multiply the specific "trip" rate by 1.189.

The most junior base changes but rotates usually between MDW, OAK & BWI.

There are other financial compensations one receives but this is the straight hourly rate. The two most prominent ones are profit sharing & stock options. Neither is immediately available to you. Profit sharing after 5 years & upon age 55, stock options are available but for new folks the returns on them won't come for many years.

For simplicity sake use the trip rate x the hourly rate adjustment to compare apples to apples. Hope that helps,


P.S. 1st yr FOs fly at 2nd year rate when you pick up extra fly or open time. Living in domicile can make your pay go up quite a bit with this option. First yr salaries are advertised around $36K, mine was around $45K. My 2nd yr salary will avg around $80K. I do pick up extra & live in domicile. Good luck.
Captain Pay Rate?


What are Captain Pay rates like? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

DAL Base


Any idea how long it takes to get into DAL as a domicile?
Also, how is the commute from DAL to OAK, MDW and BWI?


MDW info


I cannot speak for OAK or BWI, but I can shed a little light on Chicago Midway. I used to work for another carrier out of MDW and we hauled a lot of SWA pilots out of DFW for their commute to Chicago. So between using SWA out of DAL and other carriers out of DFW (American Trans Air will allow use of any open seat for jumpseat purposes), I'd say MDW would be your best bet for commuting purposes from the Dallas area.

Bear in mind a couple other goodies about MDW:

1. You won't have to change time zones to commute (big PLUS there... ask any commuter who goes east-west.)

2. MDW is close to downtown and accessible via CTA trains. I think it was $1.25 to ride one way. Plenty to do in downtown Chicago.

3. Another commuting option is ORD (if you really need to use it to get to work). Then take the same CTA trains for $1.25.

4. Finally, you can walk to your crashpads... no need to have a car in Chicago... besides, you won't find parking on the streets around MDW anyway.

There is one drawback. Remember that "Bad Bad Leroy Brown" is from the south side of Chicago. He is THE baddest man in the whole d*mned town. Apparently he is badder than old King Kong and meaner than a junkyard dog. He obviously developed this temperament because he lived under the approach path of runway 31C at Chicago's Midway Airport, and he had to listen ATA's 727s flying overhead starting at about 0630. I hear Leroy Brown has mellowed out a bit, but I think it's because he's lost some hearing since the '70s.

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All good UAL737inLA but the train now costs 1.50. Still a great deal. Crashpads are easy to find in MDW! I thought you were changing your name?

Yeah I know.


You're right I've been considering a new "handle," but I figured I'd wait until I am sitting in Dallas filling out a W-4 form.

How'd you like the reference to the Jim Croce song? I'm trying to be funny here guys... a little help please... wow, tough room. (crickets chirping in background)

UAL737inLA (how about "Joker"):rolleyes:

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