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SWA Drug Test to call or letter time?

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Feb 5, 2002
I know InHot got a 'hired' letter last week as he had completed his drug test prior to the DB, but I was wondering if anyone who took their test post DB (week of 25 Feb) have received one yet?

How many days after your test did Jennifer call, and how long till you received the letter?

What does the letter say?
The Letter

Here it is:

"Dear Lucky SOB:

Congratulations! You have successfuly completed the application and interview phases with Southwest Airlines.

Your name now appears on the list of canidates to be considered for future Southwest Airline Pilot Classes. As we plan for these classes, we will do our best to keep you informed. In the meantime, you are encouraged to remain in your present position, as all actual offers of employment are contingent on the results of final background and record reviews which have yet to be finalized.

Thank you for your patience and your continued interest in Southwest Airlines.


I would guess the same letter goes out to all. As I mentioned previously, JM told me everything was complete for me, yet note the wording of tha last sentence in the 1st para.

Looks like lawyerly CYA!
yes it is & the reason is because sometimes things are found out during this period of time that an applicant isn't what he/she says they are, therefore the caveat. You won't get an actual letter to sign for employment until just prior to reporting to class. I don't know what other airlines do but I wouldn't think they would have folks sign contracts months before someone is on the payroll. If they do, them my apologies. There have been cases where detrimental info is gathered after the DB & the candidate is notified "no thanks".
Alright, I'll bite.

JM returned my call for drug test on 26 Feb. I tested 26 Feb. She called today, 4 Mar and told my wife I was "in the pool" and to expect an official letter soon.

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Drug test

Hey Shooter
I was called by JM on Feb 25 she left a message I got a hold of her on Feb.26, she told me to go get a drug test, which I did the same day. I got a call from her on Monday 3/4 with everything looking great she said I would receive a letter saying everything is peachy and welcome to the pool. So to answer your question it took almost 4 working days before she called me with the second part of good news hope this helps,
Drug test before DB

I think I am meeting a 13 March DB. A lot of us have one Question about the drug test.

How many people on your 20 Feb DB were called to take the Drug test before the 20 Feb DB. Of those called how many were hired and not hire. Or did everyone that got called for the Drug test before the DB get hired.

Bottom line, is getting the call for a drug test before the DB a clue that you are probably going to make it.

The answer is no

The call to go for the drug test prior to the DB is no indicator of one's performance at the interview. SWA is just trying to cut the time down from the time someone is notified of being hired to entering the class. There was a period of time where the tests may have meant something before the DB but that issue is moot now according to my sources. Don't hang your hat on it! cheers
They told us exactly what Chase said at the Jan interviews. Drug test used to mean something, but not anymore.

It seems like there was a very small percentage of people who took the test pre Feb DB. (I posted the question and only got 5 responses)

I was surprised that several (3 of 5) people I have chatted with who tested pre-DB did not get hired:confused:

I wouldn't stress over it one way or the other....

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