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SWA Degree

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Mar 30, 2002
Well I've decided to do it. Headed next month to get typed. Really don't have the $ but I have to at least give it a shot. Southwest has been a goal for quite awhile now so no time like the present.

My question is: How important is a 4 year degree to SWA?

I have a 2 year degree, feel qualified flight time wise, and soon I'll have that B737 on my ticket. But is it all worth nothing because I never had the opportunity to complete a 4 yr degree?

Got my fingers crossed anyway.

I appreciate all responses. Especially the encouraging ones. :).
"Hire for Attitude, train for skill"
"Hire for Attitude, train for skill"

and again, and again...

I've heard people getting hired from no degree and on up.

When I interviewed they spent no more than 15 seconds talking about my degree. I'm sure a great attitude is far more important to them then any degree.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it...

Good luck with the type and your future with SWA.
Call Hawthorne University, Salt Lake City. 801-485-1801.

They helped me fill the box for "4 year degree". I know many others that have done the same and are now here with me at SWA.

Good Luck.
As a person who has 3 pieces of 'paper on the wall', I can offer this observation.

A 4 year degree (or more) attests to a few things: (1) You could afford to go to college and (2) You finished the degree requirements. For how it relates to what kind of pilot you are; I don't see any direct correlation.

As far as my SWA initial class, we had two folks (out of 22) who did not posess a 4 year degree. The two men who did not have the degree had in excess of 5000 hrs of FAR121 experience and more than a few years in the left seat.

Our class was devoid of 'civilian/military/old/young... or whatever' cliques. We were (and continue to be) very close.

ATTITUDE and EFFORT are everything at SWA. We fly the B-737 in our own unique way.

Rule #1 ... Leave your ego at home (or in my case the golf course) and bring a full bag of effort and flexibility.

Best of luck ...

You will LUV it here ...
I usually leave the SWA posts alone because of SWA requirements (Type rating). I have nothing against SWA I just want to work for Alaska......but can anyone explain why SWA requires a type rating. When you get hired there you get training on how SWA want you to fly there 737's. I am sure a type rating gives you knowledge on the 737, but there are 101 ways to fly an airplane and I am sure SWA want there pilots to fly it there way. Not the way that you were initially taught.

I was in a SWA jumpseat a while back and a capt told me their insurance rates are lower with both pilots typed.

If what you want out of life is to be a SWA pilot, then go for it, degree or NOT!

I am in the pool of future newbies @ SWA... I have 24 hours remaining toward the coveted BS degree, but have not yet completed it. Life had a way of getting in the way of my regular attendence at college.

Much like yourself, I had only ONE airline in mind to work for, LUV! I went to the interview with one goal in my thick skull - show my enthusiasm and deep desire to be part of the team in DAL. WIth that, and mucho preparation (w/ much needed help from Craig Thornton... [email protected]) I was successful woithout the degree. I was also typed prior to interviewing. I have always believed that you should be as qualified as possible for the job you are seeking. There is a lot of competition.

Good Luck in your quest to become part of a GREAT airline!!
Have a great day! KB
Great airline or the only airline?

If it's because of insurance purposes then again theres another thing pilots have to sacrifise for Southwest. It seem like Southwest is more interested about profit and saving money than thier pilots or future pilots. Those days should be in the past for Southwest.

Just do what they want you to do, spend the money.
Type Rating

Why they require it:

When I went through my interview they told us at one time they were offered big insurance discounts when both pilots in the cockpit were typed. Today that's not the case but out of respect for the already 4200 pilots give or take, that had to type themselves and most that had to do it just to get an interview. That's one reason why they require it, among other reasons.

No getting around it fellas...
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