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SWA Decision Board

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Well-known member
Jul 30, 2005
Has anyone heard an actual date for the July folks? I have heard the 15th, 16th, and last week.
Thanx for the info and good luck.
I've heard the DB for the July interviewees is tomorrow....it generally falls in the middle of the month, usually on a Wed. Good luck & thanks for applying to SWA.
Time to cross the fingers, sit by the phone, and dodge the mailman.

Just a head ups guys/gals.....I was in the last decision board and it was 6 days afterwards before the calls went out to folks in my interview group. I'd just hate to see someone asphixiate, get rigamortis, deep vien thrombosis or a late payment on a bill because of this!
Step away from the phone....it may take a while!

(and good luck!)
One of my refs (outside SWA) was called day after DB, only one called, then 8 days later i got a phone call. Good Luck, like they say "Waiting is the hardest part"

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