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Swa Db

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Active member
Jan 16, 2002
I interviewed with SWA the second week of Feb. We were told that our DB might be 13 or 26 Mar. Does anyone have any more info on the DBs?

Thanks in advance!
I interviewed 12 Feb. When I called to set up a drug test a week ago, Lindsey said I was scheduled to meet the 13 Mar board. She also said it could slide without notice. Still, I'm hoping to hear something mighty soon. What's the typical time from DB until the calls start going out? Anyone? Bueller?

My board was 20 Feb. The calls started on 22 Feb and continued for about a week. Letters started arrving about the 27th, I think.

Good Luck!
Same data from me as InHot. I met the 20 Feb DB and was called in the afternoon of the 22nd. The wait for you will not be as long as those who interviewed in Jan and had to wait until end of Feb. Just wait patiently.

I interviewed with Jayhawkdude on the 12th of Feb, and was wondering if anyone got the good LUV phone call today (Fri 15 March). I'm sweatin like a big dog!
SWA 3/13 Db

Some of our group that interviewed on Feb. 4 have not heard a thing. From monitoring this board all day, it does not appear SWA made any LUV calls today.

Still holding our breath!

Good Luck

Thanks to all for your reply!

No calls today....guess all we can do is just patiently wait!

Best of luck to all of you!!
Saw Jennifer in the hall mid-day yesterday (she attracts a crowd wherever she goes) ;) There was definitely a board two days ago, but as of yesterday she had not been given any results. Not sure how long it takes to "ratify" the results. Seems like I didn't hear anything for several days after my DB.
For Little Duece,

I also interviewed on 4 Feb.....A.M. session. Were you morning or noon? Just trying to figure out who you might be. EX-USAir perhaps?

According to an e-mail I received this morning it would appear that the entire A.M. session of 4 Feb is still collectively hold their breath....when will we be able to breath???

Good luck to everyone.

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