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SWA DB meeting for Feb 05 interview??

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Feb 12, 2002
I interviewed on Feb 05 and was wondering if anyone else that interviewed on or around this time has any new information on when the DB is meeting? During the interview process we were told two different times, Feb 20 and sometime in March. If anyone has any information it sure would be appreciated.

I was there on February 4th. There was no specific date mentioned for the Board. We were just told 6-8 weeks to hear.

My opinion only, the 20th would be too early for our group.

Good Luck
Wishfull thinking

Thanks for the quick reply. I think you are right. It may be a little quick to expect all the paperwork to be completed by the 20th. Good Luck to you as well
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my two experiences

Generally the DB will occur toward the end of the next month for you. Like ya'll said it takes a lot of time to get thru the paperwork, calls, etc.... If you interview late in the month it may be almost 2 months before your board meets to decide your fate. No matter when it is it is the longest period of time in the history of your life and can't be made to go any faster.
What a ride...

It took two months for me to see my board. It was the wildest ride of my life. The scary part was I had no idea I got slid to the next board. Never got the call from SWA after my scheduled board so I had thought for sure I was going to be a lifer at my current job. It wasn't till half way to the next board I found out I got slid. Back in the game again yea... I went through the emotions of both getting shot down and getting hired. Food for thought, it's never over until it's over - meaning you have two possibilities 1. Fear your mailbox 2. Eventually you'll get the very very long awaited call from Jennifer. Like they've said before absolutely nothing can help pass the time, although frequent visits to this board helped me a lot. Good luck to everyone interviewing...
The mail

You won't believe how much you will hate to go to the mailbox after the DB. No emotions involved

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