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SWA Currency Requirment for Poolies!

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Coffee Break is over!
Jan 28, 2002
Here is a copy of the E-mail traffic between Lindsey Lang and myself today.

Hey Opie!

Just wanted to answer your question, I know it is a concern of the
poolies. Southwest does not have a currency requirement while you are in the pool. We are aware that some of you will have to wait awhile for a class date, but you have cleared all hiring processes and we will let you sit in our pool until we have a class date to offer. We do have to watch your background/drug expiration dates but are requesting updates as those expire so that you are ready to come to class at any time! Our Flight Ops Department confirmed that currency will not be an issue, they
said sit tight! We will keep our fingers crossed about class dates, it is pretty quite around here right now! Keep in touch and please let me know if you have any other questions.

Lindsey Lang
Flight Ops Employment Coordinator
Southwest Airlines

>>> "Opie01" > 08/27/02 03:00AM >>>
Hello from Kuwait Lindsey,

There a bunch of rumors about Flying Currency while we are waiting in the hiring pool. Some former military may have to wait up to a year from when they go out for a class start date.
Is there a flying currency requirement while we are in the Pool?
And if there is a currency requirement, what is it? And how do we
document it? How do you all check it?
Is it so many hours every month, or every quarter?
What type of aircraft must it be in? Or does it matter.

Thanks, any words would be great so I can pass the information a long so poolies can budget some money for flight time if it is required.

Have a great day,
LL Check-In

Nice work Opie...
Not that this was an earth-shattering response, but you've proven that the comm channels are still open and accessible to all of us poolies from Lindsey and the hiring team.

See ya in DAL soon!
Currency Requirements

Just wondering if there is a requirement for those that were hoping to interview since about the March time frame and may not have an interview until early 2003?
This may help the interview-training a bit;
DALLAS, Aug. 27 Southwest Airlines Co.
announced today that it has agreed with its Professional Flight
Instructors, represented by the Southwest Airlines Professional Instructor's Association, to a two-year extension of the current collective bargaining agreement between the parties. The agreement will now extend through Dec. 31,2012.
As a part of the agreement, Southwest's Professional Flight Instructors will receive a grant of stock options, vesting during the 2009-2012 period.The agreement covers 60 Southwest workers.
Southwest's Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, James F. Parker, stated, "The skill and dedication of our Flight Instructors have contributed mightily to Southwest's superb safety record throughout our history. Our Flight Instructors are superb individuals, who help keep our Pilots the safest and best-trained aviation professionals in the world.
"Our Professional Flight Instructors have shown, once again, their vision, their commitment to the future of Southwest Airlines, and their belief in that future."

Any thoughts on this one.

My last flight in military was Apr 18. I am # 167 on this pool list. With military you have to get current again w/in 6 months or you have to requalify in the jet.

IF... (if dogs had square but holes and ate red clay) ...if we attack Iraq and the economy goes south in a big way. (Higher oil prices, investor fear = cold water shrinkage at the majors) And Southwest has no or negative growth (shrinkage) we may sit in this pool for a long while.

So do I keep my self marketable by signing up to fly part time with a reserve unit and risk getting activated and missing out on another 150+ senority numbers (hired last june, military kept me type rating until March!!) if I come up for a training date.

Or do I let my currency slip and put "all my eggs into one basket" and count on my job at SWA?

Any thoughts....
Stay current with the Mil for the shortest return of service available (imho).

#167 on the list = approx 320ish on the real list. If they start again in Jan and have 2 classes a month (unlikely) you wouldn't get called for class until August 2003. If you get stuck in stop loss, you stay at the top of the list until available. And you may get the chance to say hi to Saddam in the bargain.

I would suggest if you have the money, go get your commercial single engine add-on to your license. I did this for many people while I was in the military. All you need to do is find a flight instructor and get approx 3 hours in some single engine airplane and then take a check ride. There is no written exams and the checkride is a breeze. Alot of civilian only flight instructors will not understand how to apply your military service to the rating so if you want to do this or want more info send me a PM. costs should be around $600.00 to do the ASEL add on.

Thanx Bake-

I already have my SEL commercial. But I dont think paying $75 an hour is very good return on my money for SEL time. Plus SEL time IMO doesn't help much on an application to a major. Alot of the apps say not to include any airplane with less than 100 total hours. And it is the hours in last six months or year column I want to keep above 100 hours. 100 X $75 = ouch!
thx pegasus

Yeah I am looking into the guard and reserves. Too bad it is only for tankers and not something that would actually drop some ordinance!

I'm in a similar situation. It's now been over a year since I've flown. I'm #26 on the pool list but there's no telling when SWA is going to run some more classes.

I had the opportunity to fly for a regional earlier this year, but turned it down because I didn't want to take the 66% pay cut and I thought I'd be in class at SWA by summer anyway. I'm about to start spending some of that money I didn't give up on getting current in a 172.

I'm currently in the process of joining the guard and should head for Little Rock early next year, so even if the worst case for SWA happens I'll still get to start flying again eventually.

The bottom line is you have to plan for the worst case because it's been happening a lot in aviation lately. SWA will do what's right for the company based on how the economy and the yields are doing, you have to do what's right for you in the meantime. It's always better to prepare for the worst and be pleasantly surprised than to be caught off guard when things take a turn for the worst.

Good luck.


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