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SWA Contract Vote

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Voting closes at 3pm on August 19th. Hopefully we will know the results soon after that.
I am not "in the know".... but from everybody that I have been talking to, it seems that the Pilot contract extension isn't going to be the reason for the lack of hiring.

Seems that Maintenance labor negotiations could be what slows down the hiring.

Where the heck is Mikey and Chase when you need them?????:D :D :D


Anyone know when the mediator rules on the Mechanics' contract? Aren't the FAs going through contract talks, too? When should that be resolved?
here's more fodder on the subject....

Been told the SWA maintenance guys want UAL wages. With the state of UAL, and the rumors of bankruptcy, the SWA mgmt may and I repeat may be just playing a little waiting game here to see what happens.

As you all probably know now, USAirways just filed chap 11 this afternoon, so I would imagine the SWA maint guys looking for the cash may be rethinking a few issues real soon. USAirways maintenance wages will soon plummit in the bankruptcy, and UAL's may be taking a hit from either concessions or even bankruptcy later themselves. (UAL bankruptcy not my opinion here, but just repeating what others who follow the industry much closer than I have reported recently). After all the dust then settles, SWA mgmt and maint may just find themselves signing a new contract.

I also would think (now my humble opinion) that the U shake-up today may also get some attention at SWAPA and sway a few no voters to vote yes.
Alright.....You want to know of the mechanics? UAL wages....? SWAPA no to yes.... Backoff if you don't know.... Let me just state here and now I am in the know!

The mediator does not "rule" on the mechanics. The mechanics filed for mediation because the CO was not negotiating. They kept stating "no" when a issue hit the table.

The state of UAL has nothing to do with it. UAL is a company unlike SWA. THE WAGES FOR MECHANICS AT UAL WERE SUGGESTED FROM A GOVERNMENT PANEL. Educate yourself.... You want to know the mechanics have a website, SWAmechanic.com

The company has been playing them the whole time. Meeting only when the CEO had time. If the CEO is meeting with all the union groups, who the hell is running the company....? Why does SWA need this part time CEO? The mechanics have worked hard for this company, helping to increase profitability, and want the respect due.

As a mechanic, each and every repair is liability for life of that aircraft.

The mechanics have been:

Negotiating (on CEO's available schedule) for 437 days.
Their contract became amendable 361 days ago.
Their last off from the company was turned down by 98.4% of the voting membership 67 days ago.

Show some support. 98.4% of 1372 are not wrong!

The statements made by the CEO to the mechanics' faces: (hear-say)
---If I had my way, everyone not topped out out not get a nickel more!
---I would be glad to pay the wages you ask for, if I can contract ALL and ANY work!
---The membership is wrong, this is a fair offer!
---We will make it right this time!
---Your 401K and profit sharing is added to your wage for the purpose of negotiations. Everyone does that! (could you see that, I guess that means we now need to figure stock option rights into each flight).
I hope that wasn't aimed at me....:(

All I was trying to say is that hiring probably isn't just going to magically happen if the pilots ratify the TA. I was just trying to point out that there is more than one group of people in labor negotiations at SWA. Pilots sometimes forget that they are not the only Entity on the planet. :D

Wolfer thanks for setting the record straight for us SWA mechanics. Only time well tell on whats going to happen.

There are probably many reasons why the company is holding off on announcing any more subsequent classes. The above mentioned items are all factors. In some ways however the bankruptcy of USA may work to the advantage of the poolies. Here are some opinions on why:

1. If USA reduces its flight schedules this will present opportunities for SWA to move into markets left uncovered. Other carriers aren't in the financial situation to take advantage of the opportunity, we are.

2. Mechanic pay. Increases in overall mechanic pay or FA pay(on percentage compared to pilot pay) don't impact the bottom line as great as possible increases in pilot pay. The company hasn't rolled over & won't but it has taken full advantage of the negotiation process (extend the deadline to the max extent possible) & will continue to do so (as they will with the pilots whenever the next full negotiations are held...'04 if the recent vote fails, '06 if the vote succeeds) but I don't see these issues as a major hindrances to our growth. Yes the company is playing hardball with the union & the union is responding accordingly. Their strong union vote indicates strong unity from within which will make it tough for the company. Our success in the past & strong financial status will make the next offer from the company (this is required under the mediation rules) something much more reasonable since the mediators will require them to put something in the ballpark of what the mechanics are asking for.

3. SWAPA vote. There is a re-vote of the SWAPA BOD that is going to be held due to the final language of the contract finally being settled (it wasn't ready before the vote, not enough cyberspace to explain why one would have a vote before the final language is prepared between SWAPA & SWA!). The vote before was split pretty evenly with one abstention but that vote changed to no a little later. Several BOD members have now stated they will vote no instead of yes & with the new BOD vote scheduled the overall BOD appears to be firming up toward the negative side. Will this change a lot of votes, hard to say.

Overall, hiring projections for this year are still hard to figure & no one can make a reasonable estimation on when they will begin again. The company didn't in advance plan to have so many folks in the pool but it worked out that way. IMHO the company will not repeat this mistake, they realize the awkwardness & difficult position it has put people in. The timing for the next interviews along with the number of interviewees will be kept in mind very closely to better manage the flow of new hires.

No real news from the line, I wish I had something more definitively. Take care & God Bless,

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