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SWA classes/Pool list/Rumors..Stuff..

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Freedom Fighter
Nov 27, 2001
Hey guys and gals..

A few thoughts on my humble part to ponder..

I had a long conversation with someone in the "know" and he said during a recent meeting "they" were told to expect at least four more classes this year..This number included the class that just started in July..They will hear more about class dates in the next scheduled meeting..
He also said that he thought that the pool was "pretty deep" right now and said it was somewhere between 300 and 400 but thought that it was closer to the low end..

I see some folks are getting uptight about what JB tells you...Take it from someone thats been on that end of the stick.. What she tells you is VERY conservative..Its also based on what she sees on her desk at the time..Changes in military stop/loss and availability can change your class date possibilitys in a hurry..
Another thing to remember is that she is the last to know when it comes to staffing decisions..She will tell you this herself..

When i started the pool list a number of months ago it was something to do that might help people and provide some insight into how the class dates were running..Its a tool thats only as good as the info it contains and as long as we keep in mind that it has some limitations it may continue to of benefit to many people..
The limitation that causes the most heart burn is how many people are really hired and how many we have on the list..For some reason thats a closely guarded secret down in DAL and one of the reasons i started the list..

If we want to have a better picture of whats going on we need to do a better job of getting the word out to those that dont know about this great board nor the pool list..

So..If you are reading this board and know of someone going to get a type, currently in class or a new hire on line..spread the word..Make a copy of the list and take it with you to class and talk to people about it..Every single person i fly with i tell about the list..Many of those people i tell are grateful to hear about it and have a friend who would benefit from having their info on the list..
If you want a better list then support it by taking the time to spread the word..

As for those that think its a waste of time i can only say that we can waste our time by telling people they are wasting their time or waste our time in support of a group of great people and possibly provide a service to someone like ourselves in need..

I guess its all a matter of how WE want to waste OUR time..

Is this the same person as one of the 3 people in the "know" mentioned by your previous post, which reads:

Im back from a three day and ive run across three folks in the "know"..
The word is that there will be two classes in August as myself and others have said before..The date for the first class that ive heard the most about is the 5th..I suspect that if they go back to the "old" class schedule it will be the 8th and the 29th..If the new schedule continues i suspect the 5th and the 26th will be the dates..

Why get everyone's hopes up when the information is not accurate or confirmed. Let's stick to the facts fellas....
Thanks Mike!

I appreciate your continued loyalty to this board and giving us information about "possibilities." All of us are big boys and girls and realize things change and information may not always be totally accurate. Keep the news coming and we will get on board when SWA gives us the call. Until then we (SWAnging) will refrain from needless and mis-guided accusations and anger. Patience will continue and always be a virtue no matter what profession we choose to spend our lives in.

Keep the Faith!
I seem to be missing his point..

I stand by what ive said and from what i can tell i am still in agreement with myself as far as the previous posts..

If you have a concern or question feel free to ask it..


You were right when you announced the July 15th class so I have no reason to doubt you now-learned that from SEA. I will continue to be optimistic of these predictions and certainly won't let them disappoint me if they do not come true.

Thanks for the optimistic view,

And no..This person was not one of those that provided the previous info..
This person is highly placed and in the past very honest about the hiring numbers and class dates..

keep the faith

I find it difficult to believe that "some" of the postings I have read lately are coming from persons actually "hired" by SWA.

The poor attitudes are starting to drag down the joy of being in the pool!! Stop WHINING!

If you don't like the taste of chlorine and sun screen, please feel free to exit holding and go interview somewhere else.... OH, wait a minute.... there IS no where else to interview!?!?! silly me.....

Having fun, in the the sun.... waiting for my call to come - Iam,

Sincerely Waiting - Tredding

PS - before you send "flames" , realize that a negative attitude is easy to spot & difficult to hide..... Good Day! ;)

Here's a FACT for everybody that wants facts...The only one in the "KNOW" is the one that gets called to start class. Everything else is rumor. I "KNOW"...

I dont post here much but let me tell you "some news" is better than "no news" even if its the not so "optomistic news" that some here want to read as "good news". Is that clear as mud? I personally love the daily check here to see something... anything... to help keep me focused on the goal. Which is going on a four day with someone im sure I will get along with. That is truley what makes SWA special. And since the company has intoduced so many more "long hauls", I would personally rather laugh or tell stories to help pass the "stratocruzin", than to listen to an attitude that is shall we say "less than positive". Keep tellin us what you hear and what you believe. I trust that most here are big enough to know accuracy is always in question unless Herb is making the post. I have had the suprise stolen out of my cereal box before so... doesnt bother me at all if everything you say doesnt happen (shame on you... :p) Hang in there all, and I hear that BK is looking for someone to flip burgers.

Sorry for the ruffled feathers. In no way did I mean to offend or anger anyone by my reply. It's true that lots of people believe or want to believe what they read on here. MLBwingborn, You have great info and apparently good contacts within SWA. I, personally, would like to see facts on this page. But in this date and time, there are few concrete facts out there to share. Again sorry if my reply was brutally honest, not made in anger, and thanks for your optimist view.

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